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10 bread recipes to get you in the mood for baking

In the mood for a hearty, fluffy loaf of bread to accompany this evening's dinner? Perhaps a fresh roll for breakfast in the morning, or as a snack throughout the day? Read on to discover our best bread recipes to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The art of homemade bread has experienced a renaissance over the last two years, attributable to more time spent in our homes and the appeal of stripping back our culinary exploits back to considered, refined basics. While it is simple enough to purchase at a reasonable price, the cathartic experience of kneading, rolling and assembling a loaf from scratch is an immersive experience leaving you proud once the finished product is in your hands. Plus, the wholesome aroma it cultivates throughout your kitchen and home is an alluring motivation in itself.

With a variety of styles to choose from, baking bread leaves you with much choice on the texture, taste and density of the loaf. So here at RUSSH, we've broken down out top 10 best bread recipes appropriate for any meal or occasion.

1. Simple Bread Loaf

As it sounds, the simple bread loaf is a no fuss, humble approach to bread baking. Expert tip: spelt flour encourages an earthy nuttiness and golden colour in bread, so try adding this into the mix when baking.


2. Brioche

Arguably the most luxurious, moorish of the bread varieties, the brioche bread works as both a savoury and sweet alternative. Layer with scrambled eggs or pair alongside fresh fruit and syrup depending on your mood.


3. Flatbread

best bread recipes

A pitta-like bread, glazed with eggs for a golden texture, this recipe accompanies a grazing platter seamlessly or alongside a light meal, like salad or simple greens. It's ideal for dipping and airy, meaning you won't feel bloated or lethargic after consuming.


4. Focaccia

best bread recipes

It certainly won't come as a surprise that one of the tastiest, decadent types of bread originates in Italy. A staple of Sunday lunches alongside fresh greens, salad and pasta, this four-ingredient focaccia recipe is as simple as it is delicious, perfect for a weekend spent grazing with friends.


5. Sourdough

Can anyone honestly say they didn't attempt a sourdough loaf in mid-2020? It can be a challenging loaf to bake at home however once you have mastered the techniques and tricks along the way, your intuition will guide you through the process as it becomes more relaxing and fulfilling to bake make.


6. Ciabatta

This ciabatta recipe is relatively simple to make, with the only notable caveat being to ensure the dough is very wet and sloppy to create the typical ciabatta shape and texture. The thin-crusted variety is served best for breakfast, alongside soups or stuffed with delicious fillings for a continental-style sandwich. Ideally, this one should be made in an electric mixer to achieve the desirable consistency.


7. Olive Bread

Another delicacy with Mediterranean origins, olive bread pairs similarly with small and share platters much like focaccia and flatbread. The five-step method is straightforward and envelops your home in an earthy, wholesome scent.

8. Multigrain

A simple recipe for a hearty, airy multigrain is a must in our kitchens, with this version a minimalists dream. Only four steps involved and made mostly with ingredients likely to already be in most households, this version comfortable makes two loaves to last more than a single meal.


9. Rye Bread

For a simple loaf including caraway seeds and honey, look no further than this simple version of rye bread. The loaf is  suitable alternative to white and multigrain bread when looking for a change in your regular routine and one of the best bread recipes to make


10. No-Knead Crusty Bread

A rustic loaf that requires little previous bread-baking experience to execute, this simple no-knead bread only requires a dish, some time to work it through and patience to leave the dough to rest for at least 12 hours. But allow us to assure you the time spent waiting is worth the texture and crustiness, unlike any other loaf we've made before.

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