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Benoît Gouez visits Australia to unveil a trilogy of Moët & Chandon Grand Vintages

Benoît Gouez

“Champagne is all about sharing—it’s a rich, passion-filled world. I love to share. I love dinners with friends, good conversation, exchanging ideas and different points of view. I love to celebrate, to make every moment in life as good as it can be.” Cellar master for Moët & Chandon, Benoît Gouez says.

Gouez became the Brand's Chef de Cave in 2005, just seven years after joining the infamous champagne makers. This month, as the cellar master, he is visiting Australia to unveil three Grand Vintages, presenting them as a trilogy to tell the story of their shared experience of luminescence in different summers, the ‘Tale of Light’.

Grand Vintage 2015, Grand Vintage Collection 2006 and Grand Vintage Collection 1999. Gouez selected these unique vintages to help express the passage of time, and reflect the impact of three different maturation periods. Here, when they are presented together, their characteristics become magnified, all revealing a collective experience of nature in Champagne.

“Each Grand Vintage is my interpretation of a specific year, and as such, is unique. This trilogy is composed of a Grand Vintage and two Grand Vintage Collection champagnes, all different, but products of relatively similar climatic conditions, forming a one-of-a-kind trio to tell their shared Tale of Light.” Says Gouez.

Gouez is in a unique position, having overseen the creation of all three Great Vintages during his tenure with the Brand. It is a rarity which gives him an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a unique understanding of each year that is being celebrated through the champagne.

Each of the three Tale of Light champagnes is blended from the grapes picked only in the year that is etched on their label. While sharing the same dosage as the extra-brut, each is specific in its composition and made of the highest quality still wines selected by the Cellar Master.

“I’m excited to be in Australia after so many years. It’s been six years since my last visit and the evolution in the food scene in that time has been incredible. The calibre and breadth of Australian restaurants is just astounding. Australia is also a very sophisticated market for champagne, and the appetite for exceptional vintages is growing exponentially. I can’t think of a better moment to be here than as we unveil our 76th vintage, and these three Grand Vintages that together tell a unique story of Moët & Chandon we have called the ‘Tale of Light’. I’m immensely proud to have been part of their creation and to share them with my Australian friends.” Says Gouez.

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