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Behind the scenes at Zimmermann’s NYFW fittings

The beauty's in the details. Following Zimmermann’s New York Fashion Week AW 19 runway presentation, the brand's designer Nicky Zimmermann shares with RUSSH exclusive behind the scenes captures of the fitting process, featuring former cover star Taylor Hill and other fresh faces of the season.

“All of the main work on our collections is done at home in Sydney each season but there’s always so many small changes and adjustments that happen when we get to New York in the week leading up to show.”

“I was thinking about the world of espionage and came across the story of Nancy Wake, who grew up in Australia, and later became a spy in Europe during World War II. For me the work of a spy evoked a mood of subterfuge and sabotage which really set off my imagination – a mysterious and brave woman, a chameleon who moves around in secrecy, strong and resilient, always so evasive so as never to be caught.”

“I love our accessories and outerwear for Fall. We have leather trench coats and berets and hooded anoraks and bomber jackets that have become some of the great moments and pieces of the collection.”

“My favourite dresses for this season appear in peony prints, as tiered gowns and with touches of corsetry detailing and exaggerated lantern sleeves.”

“As a designer from Australia and in order to reach the people we need to reach with the launch of a new season it is really important for us to be in one of the large global fashion centres and for us New York has become some what of a home away from home in that regard.”

“The inspiration has provided a really fun backdrop to work with. It is so rich in imagery and has given us so much to play with and that is easy to see throughout all of the looks.”

“There are so many looks that I love in the collection.”

“I feel really lucky to have been able to do what I do for as long as I have. Ever since I was really young, being a designer was all I ever wanted to do. I feel super lucky.”