5 beauty moments to look forward to in 2022

beauty trends 2022

Your 2022 beauty trends have arrived..

It's nearly here, the ball drop is only a few days away and we're ready for change. For the past two years we've done everything we possibly can with barely there make up looks. Covid had us thinking a tinted moisturiser was adventurous. But we're ready to explore once again and live out our wild and intricate beauty fantasies in 2022. While we have a fondness here for simplicity, the era of excess seems to be back with shows like Euphoria (what looks will season 2 bring?) making a name for Y2K embellished experimentation.

But we'd be lying if we didn't need a bit of variety. Good thing then that the year ahead looks promising for an array of diverse beauty trends that are a good indication of what's to come. From glossy skin, embellished lids, to grooming, we've laid out 5 of the trends you'll see sweeping your social media feed over the next twelve months.


Barely there foundation

It's a good thing that we've spent the last two years perfecting our barely there make up skills because it's coming in hot. Perhaps it's been this time spent in makeup free purgatory that has made us appreciate the art of the fresh face. We'll be seeing a return to natural, glowy skin with minimal foundation for the foreseeable, with pores being something we show in high favour.


Embellished lids

Y2K beauty isn't going anywhere and in fact, in 2022 it's likely we'll see some of this experimentation taken up a notch. Embellished lids are the next order of business this year. Look to the rhinestones and powder puff glitter smudged out of the corners of the eye line.


Overly lined lips

Our sentiments to the early aughts continues with this trend. Dark purple, mauve and cherry reds will all be popular heading into this year. But the concentration here will be on overly drawn out liner to accentuate our lip line. We'll be looking to the nineties Calvin Klein and Clinique print campaigns for inspiration here.


Male Marketed Beauty

It's looking to be a banner year for grooming and non-binary exploration in beauty. Slowly we've begun to see a more gradual evolution of the norms around masculinity. We should expect to see more from the boys this coming year, following in the footsteps of Harry Styles who recently launched Pleasing and Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Yachty who all have followed suit with their own beauty lines.


Hair art

On the back foot of the current resurgence of nail art, this looks to be another trend that will continue on into 2022. Expect to see more nail art with personalised initials and the hotly anticipated hair art. That will see shaved head designs taking flight.


Images: Pinterest.

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