RUSSH loves: Here are our November beauty favourites

November... How did this happen?!

It's that jarring time of year where the holidays are in arm's reach, but there's still deadlines to meet and and life admin to tend too. Our calendars are heaving and time spent out of the house is at an all time high. Did we mentioned we're sleeping less?

With that in mind, this month's beauty favourites are here to service your skin, hair and body — whether you're caring for them or not. We've got an easy-to-apply lip tint in festive pink, superlative body oil packed with nourishing plant extracts, and a splash on Celine cologne that smells like skin still warm from the bath.


Dior Addict Lip Glow Blooming Boudoir

This limited shade of Dior's iconic Lip Glow is punchy, sweet and fun to wear. Enriched with cherry oil and rice protein, it glides on effortlessly, leaving behind a semi-sheer wash of colour.

Ombres d'Hermès Eye Shadow Quartet in Ombres Fauves

Part of the newly-minted Hermès eye metier, Ombres d'Hermès combines four expertly-curated shadow shades for an easy eye look. Enclosed in a refillable palette designed by Pierre Hardy, it's a beauty keepsake that's almost too special to use.

Ikkari The Ikkarian Body Oil

Australian skincare brand Ikkari has a formula for almost every modern day ailment, from burnout to breakouts. This zesty body oil is nourishing, uplifting and readily absorbed. Use it post-shower for glowing skin.

Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum

We're yet to met a French pharmacy product we don't love, this new serum from Bioderma included. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, self-hydrating sugars and niacinamide it's instantly plumping, while also binding water to the skin for long-term hydration.

Sisley Floral Spray Mist

The versatility of a skincare mist knows no bounds. You can use it to set makeup, dampen between skincare steps, refresh on a hot day... Sisley's take contains orange blossom, rose and witch hazel to tone and refine, while the light floral scent doubles as an instant mood booster.

Byredo Choco Mascarpone Candle

Syrupy, dessert-adjacent candles are generally a no, but this Byredo take is 10/10 delicious. Instead of artificial, sugary notes, it smells like roasted coffee beans, sticky brown sugar and patchouli. Yum.

Estée Lauder Futurist Skin Tint

If you want coverage, nourishment and gleaming skin in one easy product, Estée Lauder's new Futurist Skin Tint is it. Despite it's sheer coverage, it also lasts incredibly well (generally speaking, these two things are mutually exclusive). It even comes in 32 adaptable shades.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair Shampoo

Guerlain recently expanded their iconic Abeille Royale range into haircare, and the shampoo is all kinds of heaven. Not only does it smell faintly of honey, but it boosts shine, improves scalp health and gently plumps the hair fibre for more bounce. Big yes.

Okkiyo Prioritise Mascara 

If you have sensitive eyes, or always end up with mascara everywhere but your lashes, this launch should come as good news. Founded and developed by an ophthalmologist, the formula is weightless to prevent smudging or flaking, and made without common irritants.

Celine Cologne Céleste

Soft and clean and slightly sweet, this cologne is beautifully nostalgic. There's notes like neroli, sweet lemon, angelica and orris butter, but they don't fight for attention. Best splashed on after a bath.

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