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A delicious Bay Bug, Buttered Corn and Nasturtium recipe courtesy of Beach Byron Bay

As part of the Caper Byron Bay Festival recipe series, we’ve been getting to know some delicious meals that are staples on the menu of Northern New South Wales restaurants. Today, our mouths are salivating over the Bay Bug, Buttered Corn and Nasturtium recipe dreamed up by Beach Byron Bay’s Head Chef, Alanna Sapwell. 

When looking for a simply dish to whip up that is choked with taste and nutrients, the Beach Byron Bay’s Bay Bug recipe is one to turn to. With ingredients including lemon juice, corn and brown onions, there is truly so much to tempt your senses. Find the recipe below and file for safe keeping the next time you have a hankering for something light, fresh and simple. 

Ingredients (Serves four)

  • bay bug -4 large (220g each)
  • Corn -600g corn off the cob
  • Butter -300g
  • Lemon juice - 4 tbs
  • Nasturtium leaves -8 leaves
  • Brown onions -1
  • Fish stock 300g
  • Black pepper - cracked to taste


For the bug 

Either cut directly in half and place on the BBQ to set meat, brush with butter and finish cooking in the oven - about three minutes at 220 degrees.

Alternatively, you can snip the centre belly shell off, dust with rice flour and fry for 4-5mins in deep fryer until cooked through. Fill with corn mix to serve.

For the Soubise 

Thinly slice brown onion, cook in 60g butter, gently. 

Once cooked but no colour, blitz half and fold through remaining onion.

For the Corn 

Blanch corn for eight mins in salted water. 

Cut corn kernels off the cob.

Place corn kernels, fish stock, 240g butter, soubise in pot and cook for about five mins, until it becomes thick and buttery and grips to the corn. Adjust seasoning with lots of cracked pepper, good salt and lemon juice.

Add nasturtium at last minute to wilt slightly in hot corn before serving. 

Pour in four bowls and place barbecued bugs on top of corn. 

Finish with a little olive oil on the bugs.

While we are currently in the depths of a bitterly cool winter, look forward to the warmer weather by planning your trip to the Caper Byron Bay Food and Culture Festival, held from November 10th – 13th.


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