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Bare by Charlie Holiday is the sustainable staples brand to know

Bare by Charlie Holiday

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Sustainability and staples are two of the most commonly thrown around buzzwords in our current fashion lexicon. As the world taps into the need for supply chain transparency and more conscious consumption, we are all looking for ways to reduce our footprint through the clothes we wear every day. With all buzzwords, there is a lot of noise. Which is why discovering brands that walk the talk in the sustainability conversation is so important, especially when these brands are local.

For Bare by Charlie Holiday, the sister brand of Charlie Holiday, the sentiment of sustainable staples is build into their brand DNA. "We have a big focus on natural fibres and sustainable practices. All of our fabrics have been responsibly sourced and ethically produced. With each piece from the collection, we create it with the hope that it transcends seasons and is made to last." Sinead James, head designer at Bare by Charlie Holiday says.

Bare by Charlie Holiday

For the brand, fabrics are a key focus, alongside an element of timeless wearability which in turn, is threaded through the idea of sustainability transcending a supply chain and landing in the hands of the wearer. "This is a challenge because you want to use sustainable fibres, but you also need fibres that are going to last." James says. "What this looks like is creating garments from fibres such as organic hemp, organic cotton, organic wool, and then we have second tier fabrics, which are more like recycled fibres." She says, noting that social responsibility is always a focal point for the brand, even if it means sacrificing certain fabrics in order to ensure everything remains ethically sourced.

The result, is clothing that is both tactile and beautiful in wearability and feel. When crafting clothing that is truly sustainable, Bare by Charlie Holiday are conscious not to sacrifice on silhouettes, ensuring pieces can be worn for the long run and aren't rooted in trends. "I often take a step back and think about what a 20 to 30 something year old woman needs in her wardrobe. And I try to implement that through design. So we keep it really minimal, neutral earth tone colours, and things that can just be paired back with each other." James says.

Bare by Charlie Holiday

This is fundamentally what a capsule wardrobe is about. "For me, a capsule wardrobe is comprised of a refined collection of practical, versatile garments that create an entire wardrobe. So, the pieces are interchangeable and complement one another, like classic pieces that are usually neutral. The wardrobe should allow the wearer to create a bunch of different looks just from a minimal amount of pieces." James says.

As for what this looks like for the brand, the second Bare by Charlie Holiday collection sees the brands consciously designed staples evolve through the introduction of a contemporary colour palette of soft neutrals for every day wear.

Grounded in a connection to nature through palette and fabrications, the collection draws inspiration from the earthy elements of the natural environment, offering a sense of stability to foundational pieces. The GOTS certified organic cotton and pesticide free hemp fabrication, dyed using naturally sourced pigments, is cut into softly shaped silhouettes, at once effortlessly relaxed and luxuriously tactile.

Bare by Charlie Holiday

"We all know the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world." James says. "So reworking our dressing and purchasing habits and fostering quality over quantity helps reduce waste, it saves us money and reduces the impact that we're already putting on the world."

Discover the second Bare by Charlie Holiday collection, here.

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