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Fresh kicks beware — Balenciaga has given us permission to wear our sneakers until their dying days

balenciaga paris trainer

Demna is at it again. Inflaming the internet and with only a pair of particularly destroyed-looking canvas sneakers in his arsenal. Known for fusing fashion with clever social commentary, the Balenciaga creative director has left a ferocious trail of conversation in his wake after launching a limited edition run of its Paris Trainer. Move over fresh white kicks, these tattered sets are here to burp in your face and ash all over your carpet.

Balenciaga is no stranger to the so-called ugly shoe. It's famed Triple S trainers launched the dad shoe trend and we've all long admired/loathed its myriad interpretations of the humble Croc. This time around, the Paris Trainer is getting a violent makeover, arriving in a limited run of 100 pairs and with gashes all across the canvas outer and "Balenciaga" stamped on the toe. Although, the most destroyed styles you're probably seeing circulate on the internet, are not in fact, for sale. Rather, they're an exaggerated version forming part of Balenciaga's current campaign. All of this is simply to say that the Paris Trainers "are meant to be worn for a lifetime". A philosophy that is both sustainable and nonetheless achievable if my past history of sneaker ownership reveals anything.

The Balenciaga Paris Trainer comes in both the hi-top style and a low cut mule silhouette with distressed edges. You can select from either red, white or black and if you choose not to opt for the 'Full Destroyed' option, the plain Paris Trainer exists for you to thrash all on your own design.

You can explore the Balenciaga Paris Trainer online now at Otherwise, keep an eye out for the sneakers as they drop in store globally on May 26.

For Balenciaga Fall 2022, Demna pays tribute to resistance and resolve. See the collection here.

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