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Balenciaga’s floppy motorcycle bag is making a comeback and we’re not sure you’re all ready for it

For a period there it seemed like we were all more than willing to gloss over the early aughts - a chapter one considered a black stain on fashion history. "Thank god that's over" we would laugh, "how embarrassing". But as is with fashions ever-churning conveyor belt of items we've loved then loathed, you never know what's going to rise up from the grave, slap you in the face and say "Missed me bitch?"

Of course, none of us could have predicted that it would be Balenciaga's Motorcycle bag that would mosey its way into our hearts once more. But alas, we don't get to choose who we fall in love with.

Designed by Nicolas Ghesquière in 2001 during his time as Creative Director at Balenciaga, the Motorcycle bag was the ultimate "it" piece for at least half the naughties. Previously cherished by the likes of Nicole Richie, both Olsen sisters, Lindsay Lohan and coming in lime green, black (of course), tan, cream and just about any colour you can think of. Can we really say we're surprised? After all, we've seen the rise of the ugly shoe and now it's time for the ugly bag to take centre stage.

Where did this unexpected fondness for the Motorcycle bag come from? We can't deny it's been playing on our minds for a while now. But following on from New York Fashion Week we spied the flaccid, elephant-like skin of the Motorcycle bag among some of our favourite street-style looks and it's validated our desire to bring this bad boy back.

At first glance, it's hard to pin down exactly why we've fallen for the Motorcyle bag. But upon closer inspection we realise it captures our sartorial mood du jour, that is, our proclivity for all things nasty, low-maintenance and perverse. Treat it badly and it only rewards you. Drive a bus over it if you will! Like a leather jacket, it was made to take a beating and all the scratches and faded patches only add to its charm  Individually the tarnished buckles, zippers and studs, floppy lambskin and ratty tassels are questionable embellishments, but melted together they make for a strangely covetable piece.

For those averse to the unruly flop of the original iteration of the Motorcycle bag; Balenciaga introduced its' Neo-Classic earlier this year and it possesses the structure the former lacks. And if you're looking to get your mitts on the OG, there are plenty waiting to be snatched up on secondhand marketplaces like Vestiaire and The Real Real.

You can keep your dinky Fendi baguettes, we've only got eyes for the floppy Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

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