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Hari Nef and Annabelle Dexter-Jones are the faces of female rage in ‘Bad Things’

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Tribeca Film Festival will be a memorable one this year, if not for the talent and storytelling, then for the apocalyptic orange smoke that hangs over NYC swept over from the Canadian wildfires. It's a familiar scene to Australians who are still haunted by the Black Summer Bushfires. Right now the air quality in NYC is ranked the worst in the world, but will that stop people going to the cinema? Festival organisers are on standby. Of the films making their debut at Tribeca Film Festival, one from director Stewart Thorndike matches the ominous energy in the air. It's called Bad Things and tells a thrilling tale of female rage.

What is Bad Things about?

In Bad Things, Thorndike introduces us to a group of friends embarking on a weekend getaway at a snow-covered resort. From there, the chummy plot is expected to devolve in a "in a psychological tailspin and ends in a bloody nightmare", per Variety.

Thorndike explained that she wanted to create a world for the "female Travis Bickles and Jack Torrances". Somewhere they could "shake off polite conditionings and finally roar".

Who is involved?

As mentioned, Stewart Thorndike, the brain behind 2014 psychological thriller, Lyle, starring Gaby Hoffmann, will sit in the director's chair. Meanwhile, Thorndike has managed to gather a formidable cast comprising of Hari Nef, Annabelle Dexter-Jones of Succession fame, Gayle Rankin, Rad Perreira from Betty, Molly Ringwald and Jared Abrahamson.

Is there a trailer?

We're yet to cast eyes over a teaser image or trailer, but we expect more visuals from Bad Things will emerge following its premiere.

What about a release date?

While there's no mention of an Australian release date, we know Bad Things will make its way to streaming platform Shudder on August 25. Fingers crossed a theatrical debut is on the cards.

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