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Art lover: exhibitions to capture your gaze this month

As Sydney’s annual fair of contemporary works comes to a close, we’re yearning for more moments of great Australian art. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite local artists, with must-see exhibitions running over the coming weeks. Get lost in the beauty of natural landscapes and still life, with perfect moods for a change in season and a day of leisurely gallery wandering.

Dale Rhodes

Saint Cloche Gallery, September 18 – 29

For Dale Rhodes, paintings are a revelation of mystery. His latest still life collection inspires us to gaze deeply upon the mundane: rocky road, oranges, paper towels. That way, we can realise feelings of spontaneity in the everyday, and the fun evoked along with it.

Julian Meagher

The Space Into Bicheno II
OLSEN Sydney, September 18 – October 12

Julian Meagher imagines the magnificence of coastal Tasmania in an abstracted, dream-like state. With a pared back simplicity to his strokes, different angles of the same moments become tender reflections of self, in a place that feels so calm, yet vigorous.

Otis Hope Carey

Ngiinda Darrundang Gaagal
China Heights Gallery, September 6 – 21

Otis Hope Carey shares the knowledge of his Indigenous upbringing in a unique series of new line paintings. His depiction of the ocean serves as an homage to its restorative power in pivotal moments of his past, as well as a celebration of Australia’s raw beauty. This feeling of empowered calm translates in the boldness of his paintings.


Andrew Yip

Cloud Chamber
Jerico Contemporary, September 26 – October 12

Andrew Yip looks to the “beauty in silent forces” for inspiration in his latest immersive series. With a digital flare and a multi-media styles, he finds moments of awe in the natural world, particularly in the forces of the atmosphere. His tempering of the natural with elements of the scientific locates a feeling of sublime for viewers.

Sally Ross

New Paintings
Martin Browne Contemporary, September 18 – October 13

Sally Ross’s bold oil landscapes are a particular favourite. Bright blues and cooling teals are brought into life with her signature short-strokes in abstract vistas. The longer we look, the more feelings we realise, in continuations of natural scenes that are calming and loud at the same time. Safe to say, we want all of these in our living room.