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The ultimate arm workout from Jordan Ponder

For many, arms are an area that dictate professional, workout and social wardrobes. As a highly visible area, it’s one that readily affects confidence levels.

While our bodies are all so similar in function, each reacts so differently to exercise, food and lifestyle. To make your arms your strong point it’s important to remember that your body reflects this. The right nutrition and exercise need to be in balance if you are to improve problem areas, which are typically the slowest to change. With this in mind, it can be helpful to commence a two to three month strategy of balancing out and tweaking your fitness and food, measuring progress monthly.

The following two exercises are brilliant for your arms and should be incorporated into your routine as much as possible if this is an area you feel needs improvement.

“To make your arms your strong point it is important
to remember that your body reflects your lifestyle.”

Boxing is not only amazing for your arms, it's benefits extend to your back, shoulders and abdominals.

What you need to know:
In boxing it's important you learn how to move properly. We want loose shoulders, fast hands and the whole body moving. Join a class or get a lesson
and you will quickly be able to build your own combinations with the right technique to work not only the arms, but the rest of the body too.

Skipping is great for the arms, as well as legs and abdominals, especially with a weighted rope. Mastering the rope is a huge time saver, as it can be done anywhere and in any weather.

What you need to know:
Use skipping as active recovery between boxing sets or in between abdominal sets.

Add this twenty minute boxing and skipping circuit in twice a week for two months and you’ll be on the road to tone and length in no time:

2 minute boxing round on the heavy bag, combining a mixture of jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks and body shots

1 minute free skipping, finish with 10-20 double-unders

30-60 second plank

Repeat 5 times.


Keep moving. Try model Georgia Fowler's full body home workout to keep your heart rate going.


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