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Are we living in the age of the Instagram pose?

"People usually like to travel around in packs, because they need reassurance, they constantly need to be justified by the acceptance of others and that’s such a moveable feast, you never know if you’re up or down and I really can’t trust that...and I’ve learned not to. It can give you the illusion that you are correct just because you are accepted. And really it may not be true." - Jeff Buckley

By nature humans crave connection, and seek out like-minded people. It's why some couples kind of look the same, or how we can travel half-way around the world to a foreign country and somehow end up surrounded by people of the same nationality.

A big part of connecting with another person is merging with another, and in the age of Instagram we can connect via a simple follow, a like, or a DM. But we also merge with what we see. Are our aesthetics our own, or are we mimicking what's on our screens? Google, Instagram and Facebook are built on this feedback loop. It’s a self-fulling format, and we’ve homogenised because of it.

First there were the curated corners of a room, then the monochromatic coffee table and, now, are we in the age of the Instagram Pose?

The Instagram Pose's ground zero? We could likely track it back to Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Her new Bottega Veneta aesthetic and lifestyle is the new fashion Instagram account make her easy following and for heavy double taps.

But how to ensure your aesthetic is your own? Put down your phone. See an art exhibition. Read a book. Spend some time doing nothing. It’s best you stand out in a crowd.