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Hermès digs deep into its equestrian roots for the latest Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Hermès Series 9

The ongoing partnership between Apple and Hermès is proof that luxury and cutting-edge technology can and should collide. Ever since the two joined forces in 2015 they've laboured over many iterations of the Apple Watch Hermès. Now, the pair has announced that its latest vision for the model – the Series 9 – is on the way. So what can we expect from this updated version? Everything you need to know about the forthcoming Apple Watch Hermès Series 9, below.

What's new with the Apple Watch Hermès Series 9?

Apple and Hermès continue to invent fresh and exciting ways of merging their brand identities with the Series 9. As always, the latest line pays tribute to the equestrian heritage of Hermès, most notably with the new wristband designs on offer.

For Series 9, the wristbands have undergone a sporty transformation. The Bridon band, a multi-hued knitted strap, looks to the equestrian bridle for inspiration. It's laid back and dynamic, arriving in navy, oxblood and crimson colourways. Meanwhile, the Toile H and Twill Jump bands are a masterclass in webbing weave, available in Classic Orange. This weave is brought into greater focus for the signature Kilim band, this time available in rubber, which braids together the letter H. Now the collection wouldn't be complete without a showing of leather, here Hermès delivers once more with its Barénia band, fashioned from the softest yet most durable calfskin.

As for the watchface? For the latest Apple Watch Hermès, both parties have dreamt up the Radial watchface – inspired by the French House's Cape Cod wristwatch.

When will the Apple Watch Hermès Series 9 be available?

Online pre-orders for the latest update will be available from September 12. While the Apple Watch Hermès Series 9 will land in stores across Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UAE, the UK and the US from September 22. Before eventually making its way to Korea, Mexico and Thailand later this spring.

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