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Apple of my eye: 10 apple pie recipes that make the ultimate crowd pleaser at any dinner party

apple pie recipes

If there's one thing I certainly take seriously when it comes to homemade desserts, it's an apple pie. Arguably one of my family's favourite easy go-to recipes when we're craving something sweet, nothing quite warms the heart – or makes your house smell quite as good – as a freshly-baked apple pie.

For such a simple concept, the humble apple pie recipe continues to pack a punch. I mean, what's not to love about golden, buttery pastry and the sweet caramelisation of green apple and brown sugar? One of the reasons why this sweet treat has become such a staple is because of its sheer versatility. Wanting to make an apple pie for one? No problem. Use a cupcake tin. Prefer puff pastry over pie crust? Go for gold.

There really are no rules – bar from the simple fact that the pastry should be golden and the filling jam-packed and wafting with aromatics. Although, just like any recipe, having no structure at all can also lead to disaster. Thankfully, a good apple pie recipe is surprisingly easy to come by – especially after indulging in a few too many taste tests.

No matter who you speak to or where you go, each person or family has an apple pie recipe they call their own. Whether handed down through generations, or a modern interpretation on an old classic; we've rounded up 10 of the best apple pie recipes that are sure to deliver.

1. American apple pie

apple pie recipes

2. Salted caramel apple pie

3. Stephen Fry's apple pie

apple pie recipes



4. Classic apple pie


5. Gluten Free apple pie


6. Catherine Adam's apple pie


7. Perfect apple pie

apple pie recipes


8. Apple turnovers

apple pie recipes


9. Apple strudel


10. Classic vegan apple pie

apple pie recipes


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