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Sweet temptations: 5 easy desserts you can make from pantry staples

easy pantry desserts

It's a proven fact that life is significantly better with dessert as part of our daily routine. Ok, so maybe proven is a slight stretch too far, but have you ever seen someone upset when they're eating cake? Exactly. So, on those days when life has gotten you down; or maybe, the weather is encouraging you to have an indoors kind of day, the answer to all your woes can be found within your pantry. Although we love nothing more than an afternoon experimenting in the kitchen, sometimes, efficiency is more important than grandeur. That's where these easy pantry desserts come into play.

These are the dessert solutions you turn to when a certain someone bought one – or five – too many pears at the fruit shop. Or when your fridge has been filled with the fresh walnuts you brought home from the farmers market two weeks ago and vowed you would "snack on". They're the type of desserts that put your pantry staples to good use – especially the ones you had forgotten about. When was the last time you pulled out the baking soda or brown sugar? Or for the days when a quick, sweet pick-me-up, while perched in front of the television watching a timeless film, is all you need.

Below, five of the best, easy pantry desserts to indulge in this weekend.


Pear Custard Pie

easy pantry desserts

There's nothing worse than getting to the end of the week and realising that a certain piece of fruit has been neglected. Not so long ago, I found myself in this exact predicament and this super simple Pear Custard Pie came to the rescue. It was also a crowd pleasure with the family; especially with a generous helping of vanilla bean ice cream on the top.



easy pantry desserts

Rizogalo is the ultimate easy pantry dessert for Greek families across the globe; mine included. Although this recipe isn't exactly how my Yiayia makes hers, it's certainly very close and uses ingredients you'll already have in your pantry. If you happen to have it, I recommend adding a teaspoon of custard powder to your mixture (a secret tidbit).


Caramalised Bananas

easy pantry desserts

Caramelised bananas on a cold winters night. Is there anything better? This is one of the most simple recipes and is always a hit with family and friends. You can easily make this in the oven, but my favourite way is on a coal barbecue wrapped in aluminium foil and lightly-smashed walnuts.

All-Purpose Pantry Cookies

easy pantry dessertsFeeling nostalgic for old-school cookies? This recipe is a foolproof, easy pantry creation. You will definitely have these ingredients already in your kitchen, and from there you can add any extra toppings/mixers that you want or have available.


Apple Crumble

easy pantry dessertsA fairly self-explanatory easy pantry dessert, apple crumble never disappoints. For a dessert that requires so little to execute, it always delivers. Now, snuggle up, put on that movie and enjoy.


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