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Liquid gold: Anna Feller shares her secrets to glowing skin and how La Mer’s reformulated Treatment Lotion become her non-negotiable

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One look at Anna Feller's expertly curated Instagram feed and you'll know that she is connected to the sea. Her Bondi Beach apartment is practically built on top of it. Along with her son, Banjo, she is in the waters of North Bondi almost daily. It's no surprise then, why she's so fixated with the healing properties of the ocean – so much so, that the Canadian-born model, creative director at Albus Lumen's Société Space, and entrepreneur, is working on her own line of broth made from sea kelp, Sea Bone by Anna Feller. Naturally, as someone who has such a rich understanding of the benefits of kelp, her connection to La Mer – a beauty brand born from the sea – has been a long standing one, especially when serendipitous coincidences, like the fact that La Mer’s Miracle Broth™ is made from Giant Sea Kelp harvested off Vancouver Island – just south of where Feller grew up in British Columbia.

She is an everyday user, not just of La Mer's core line, but of the iconic Treatment Lotion too. The newly reformulated skin essence delivers sustained, all day hydration to breathe new life into skin. Infused with even more of the brand's signature skin renewing Miracle Broth™, and a new serum-strength formulation, the renewed Treatment Lotion’s legendary life-force ferment is exactly what Feller needs to keep her skin glowing for each of her endeavours. Here, we chat to Feller about her daily rituals, sustainability in beauty, and how she stays looking radiant during the cooler months.

Anna Feller La Mer

Adapting your skin care to the changing seasons can be a tricky switch. What are your tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling radiant in the cooler months?

I love to amp up my hydration by drinking warm water with lemon. I drink a lot of broths and teas, I love to keep my body warm and in turn I always tend to be more hydrated during winter. I also lean towards products with ingredients intended to heal & renew my skin. I love to sleep with thick dose of La Mer's Creme De La Mer moisturiser.

We know that regenerative and long-lasting hydration is about finding a product that heals the skin from within. What effect has La Mer’s New Treatment Lotion had on the overall health of your skin?

I am obsessed with the Treatment Lotion. It is not only anti-aging but also helps to soothe my sensitive skin and helps prevent signs of redness and irritation, enhancing a youthful complexion. Living in Bondi, I am always jumping in and out of the ocean and I love the results of being able to reapply and splash the Treatment Lotion between reapplying moisture and sunscreen throughout my day. The Treatment Lotion floods the skin with liquid energy and boost skin’s oxygen capacity to jumpstart renewal and optimise absorption of any moisture to follow. For me, this has become an essential step and exactly what I need when it gets such frequent doses of saltwater to keep my skin hydrated all day.


La Mer’s new Treatment Lotion is what they call a watery lotion, or essence, a step designed to apply to the skin immediately after cleansing. What have you noticed since adding in this step to your routine?

It provides a deep hydration whilst prepping for my skin regimen. The texture is similar to a very lightweight serum and penetrates into the skin immediately, optimising the absorption of my skincare products which follow and leaves a radiant, but invisible finish on skin. There is a fermented anti-irritant in the formulation of the Treatment Lotion and I’ve really noticed soothes the look of redness and sensitivities every time I apply.

A crucial part of our skin being able to self-renew and restore is being equipped with the right amount of ‘liquid energy’ to set the process in motion. What are your favourite tips or ingredients for giving your skin that extra push?

I love to hydrate – it is key! I love to make broths; my favourite ingredients are Kombu and Wakame. I believe in harnessing the regenerating powers of the sea. The best thing about La Mer's products is the Miracle Broth™ (This sea-born elixir is made through a fermentation process that transforms the ingredients and improves efficacy) is it topically allows this to happen.

What are some of health rituals you implement in your every day to keep your skin looking plump and energised?

I love the infrared sauna, yoga and walks in the sunshine. Vitamin D and fresh air for the win.


It’s no secret that you are a woman on the go. How important is it to have products within your beauty routine that are multi-purpose?

VERY important. I have a general rule – six things minimum in my beauty bag. Products I can take to meetings, after a sauna or workout, or even if I have to do quick skin brightening or light makeup and hair on a shoot. Skin is very important to me – it must always look fresh and energised.

What’s your fix or cure-all when your skin is tired or irritated?

Hydration and ice cubes followed by a long swim in the ocean and then La Mer The Renewal Oil.

Sustainability and beauty have become more inextricably linked than ever before. How much of a focus does this play in your beauty routine?

Sustainability plays a very large role in all areas of my life. I try to use glass or refillable bottles with everything in my beauty bag. I now use shampoo bars instead of bottles, an easy recommendation to help do your bit. The the recycled glass bottle for the Treatment Lotion is a favourite, it’s made with 20 per cent Post-Consumer Recycled content.

What’s one piece of beauty advice you’re sticking to in 2022?

Drink less caffeine and dry brush every single day.


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