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Allbirds first activewear collection is made without polyester

It seems odd that working on our physical fitness can also mean hurting our planets health. Not that the two are mutually exclusive. But when it comes to working out, what we choose to secure our bodies in can have a real impact. Polyester, the sinew of the athletic industry, can be a tricky one. Nearly 70 millions barrels of oil are used each year to make the world's polyester — enough to power 47,000 cruise ships. Not only that, the fabric contributes to the alarming amount of microplastics littering our waterways and has a huge carbon footprint. This can all be very overwhelming, especially in light of the United Nation's IPCC climate report. So it's soothing to know that Allbirds has offered a solution to this mounting problem with its first foray into the realm of activewear.

Allbirds has always measured their carbon footprint as the success of its business. Something you can't overlook in the brand's new Natural Run Collection. Tested vigorously over the span of two years, the collection offers everything we cherish in our exercise gear. Moisture wicking, breathable, odour-reducing and thermoregulating — their range of leggings, sports bras and shorts work hard so you can feel better when you do the same. All the pieces are crafted from a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus tree fibre.

In the spirit of their latest venture, Allbirds have teamed up with Fluidform pilates studio to bring you an exclusive workout. You can watch the video on Fluidform's Instagram, where Kirsten King will guide you through a fifteen minute routine. No equipment needed!


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Shop Allbirds Natural Run Collection now on its website.

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