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A new documentary on the world’s first-ever glossy lesbian magazine, ‘Curve’, is coming

Ahead of the Curve documentary

If you're familiar with the world of publishing in New York in the early 90s, you'll know the story of the best-selling, ground-breaking lesbian magazine, Curve. Founded officially by Franco Stevens in 1991 under the name Deneuve – until French actress Catherine Deneuve herself sued – the magazine was founded with the intention of telling the stories of its community through the platform of a glossy magazine. An avenue that was severely lacking in the way of LGBTQIA+ representation. Now, Curves' one-of-a-kind story is finally set to play out on the big screen, with a new documentary titled, Ahead of the Curve.

The new documentary will give an intimate, insider perspective on over three decades of Curve. From the early revolutionary days when the magazine struggled to garner advertising and celebrity support, to now; where like many other publications in this volatile industry, are threatening to close. The Ahead of the Curve documentary will be directed by by Rivkah Beth Medow and Stevens’s wife Jen Rainin; and will feature archival footage with many prominent leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community including Melissa Etheridge, Jewelle Gomez, and Lea DeLari.

“Franco’s magazine was born in a time when writing the word “lesbian” on the cover of a publication was a triumph,” Rainin says in a statement. “Franco’s contribution to the lesbian community inspires me, and it vexes me that like so many stories of influential queer women, her story is largely unknown. I feel a deep responsibility to tell Franco’s story as completely and honestly as possible to honour my community and our rich history, and to tell the story of a strong female role model who, in manifesting her own dream, made space for hundreds of thousands of others to have a chance at theirs.”

Breaking down conversations around lesbian visibility, legacy and intersectionality and how Curve helped to change the portrait of lesbian women in America over 30 years. Ahead of the Curve is set to air in American cinemas come June 4, but there's no word just yet on how and when Australian audiences will be able to see the documentary. In the meantime, you can watch the full trailer below.

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