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To celebrate 50 years of the Trefoil, adidas wants to thank you for being an original

adidas trefoil

50 years ago, adidas extended its arms and gave the world its Trefoil. We all took it and ran. From skateboarding to football to Hip Hop to fashion, adidas is deeply embedded in the culture and has been interpreted in myriad ways. With the launch of its new adidas Originals campaign, the German sports and lifestyle brand wants to say thank you. "We gave the world an Original. You gave us a thousand back," reads the campaign tagline.

adidas trefoil

In a trio of videos that hero three of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes from the brand, namely the Superstar, Samba and Gazelle, adidas enlists the help of – yes, you guessed it – three creatives to capture the unique history and narratives linked to each shoe. Because what is the adidas Samba if not the main character in our lives, at this very moment?

adidas trefoil

To kick off the campaign, director Daniel Wolfe absorbs viewers into the his film about the adidas Superstar. A style built for basketball, the Superstar was later adopted by Hip Hop, worn most notably on the feet of Run-DMC and 80s b-boys and b-girls, before becoming the most ubiquitous style of the 90s with its recognisable Shell Toe.

Wolfe also came onto the campaign to serve as mentor for self-taught filmmaker Will Dohrn, who was responsible for conveying the influence of the Gazelle on running and streetwear, and Polish-Nigerian visual artist Justyna Obasi, who presented the Samba's ties to skate and terrace culture to the soundtrack of Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex.

To accompany the films, Chadwick Tyler produced a series of stills arranged in a triptych format, bringing home the message that third time's the charm.

Preview the new adidas Originals campaign celebrating 50 years of the trefoil, below. Otherwise, explore the adidas Originals Samba, Superstar and Gazelle at the brand's website.

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