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These are set to be the biggest trends in activewear this year

Lahana Active

There's no denying it. We love, nay, are obsessed with activewear. In fact activewear accounted for 40 percent of all online shopping sales in 2020. It makes sense. Activewear is comfortable, body flattering, practical and allows you to make the best use of your time. No need to change in between your workout and your trip to the shops.

2020 was undeniably a huge year for activewear but 2021 is shaping up to be just as big, with more options and new trends in the space than ever. To find out more, we spoke to the team behind cult-brand Lahana Active. Co-founder Kunti Benson says, "having activewear that translates and easily elevates your style is a movement we're embracing".

Below, she shares her picks for the biggest activewear trends in 2021, the most flattering styles and the best ways to style your workout pieces.


What do you think will be the biggest trends to look out for in activewear in 2021?

2021 is an exciting year for Activewear with both some exciting adaptions of vintage influence and soft simple designs that all about the luxe finish. Here’s where 2021 is heading for active. Sweet neutrals and pastels in both tonal hues and sweet prints such floral and animal will continue to turn heads this year. Expect to see some interesting mix up of interesting patterns, paired with soft pastels.

Expect to see the re-birth of the active one piece, we are all for embracing the feeling of wearing nothing at all as we bend and stretch our way into a more fruitful year. Matching sets are a trend you will see more of in the coming year. Expect to see unexpected hues and interesting mix of patterns to keep it fresh. Expect to see Activewear that incorporates designs that go beyond the gym. You will see the diversification of activewear into hoodies, sweat pants and more. A few more key trends for 2021 include, minimal designs with clean silhouettes, sustainable activewear and asymmetrical elements in design.


Tell us about the bike short trend? Is it here for a good time or here for a long time?

Look, who doesn't love a biker styled into your everyday outfit?? It's comfort and style all wrapped into one cosy, stylish ball. We love it and can see it being a staple in every person's wardrobe. Like the little black dress, but make it a biker!


What would you say are some of the most flattering styles?

The high-waisted biker, such as the Mimi or Archer bikers paired with the Tyler T back crop is honestly activewear dreams. The high waist draws the waist in, is firm and supportive where it's needed and moves along the curves of the body to show off your unique figure. Paired with the Tyler, you get this clean, modern and minimal look that is perfection on all body types.


What is your favourite way to style activewear outside of the gym?

For sure our Archer Biker short. They honestly are the perfect length and fit. We love these styled with an oversized shirt and sandals for the ultimate studio to street look. I don't know if you can tell, but we love a good biker haha.


Is there a difference between activewear to live in vs activewear to work out in?

Honestly not for us, we are all about incorporating qualities into our design and material, making it adaptable and stunning in all situations. Comfort and style are achievable for when you're working hard and for when you are resting hard. Our Staple material is Nylon Blend that is breathable, supportive, squat proof - everything you need for movement activities. These same qualities make it 100% wearable in everyday life.


What's the one trend in activewear you hope never to see again?

I would have to say the g-string leotard worn on the outside of leggings! We are all about showing off what you got, but that particular trend can stay in the 80s pretty please.


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