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A new type of fitness

Hannah Holman @ IMG wears RUNNING BARE bra and tights.

Life is getting busier and faster by the day; with more distractions, apps, and to-dos, it’s hard to achieve everything we want achieve, particularly when it comes to finding a balance between striving for our goals and slowing down and appreciating what we have in each moment.

It’s not enough to just workout now, we also want to find some down time. Reasons why meditation, mindfulness and yin practices have been increasingly on the rise over the past few years. Women now want a fully integrated fitness experience, where they move their bodies fast and hard (think HIIT) and slow down and experience moments of mindfulness and connection to self, all in the one session.

As the founder of Barre Body, I recognised this movement in the fitness industry and created the Flow class for her my Byron studio, Bende; a blend of slow and conscious moment, fluid flow, cardio, toning and meditation. A total mind-body experience in one hour to tick all the boxes for a busy life.

Flow classes are only available at Bende in Byron Bay at present, but you can expect to see them in Barre Body studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane soon.

Emma Seibold is the founder of Barre Body, a complete body workout fusing ballet barre conditioning, yoga and Pilates.