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You’ve got to work it out

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What is it and what are the benefits?
Barre Attack is a low impact, high intensity workout that combines the best of Pilates, dance and fitness to create the ultimate full-bodied workout. Founded by former professional ballerina Renee Scott, who developed the workout out of her Pilates studio Balance Moves in Bondi, the workout is now practised by 10,000 women in Australia each week.

Scott explains the workout was inspired after she saw that there was a missing link between her Pilates classes and cardiovascular exercise. “We didn't have cardio, and Pilates was not enabling all of my clients to translate their work on a mat or apparatus to a standing position,” says Scott. “After experiencing many forms of Barre I really wanted it to be the ultimate full-bodied workout. Barre Attack was born, and after many years of refining it in my Pilates studio (thanks to all my very patient clients), I met all of my client’s needs in the one workout!”

Who is it best suited to?
People from the ages of 13-70+ do the workout, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to Barre Attack. Anybody who wants results fast will like this class. Barre Attack works on the core muscle groups that help with balance, posture and injury prevention. The bonus is you feel better after one class, get fitter after five and your friends and family start to notice the ‘new you’ after 10 classes.

Because of the ballet influence and focus on tone over bulk, Barre Attack typically attracts females - but don’t be surprised to see the occasional bloke who really wants to test himself (it’s a lot harder than it looks).

In training ...
If you’re a runner, or thinking about entering the next marathon, then Barre Attack is a great workout to incorporate into your training routine. The low impact exercises will educate the body and mind to achieve optimal body position, which will in turn reduce the risk of injury and boost your running performance.

Pre / post-natal women ...
As Barre Attack is based on standing stability and uses smaller, intense movements rather than big weights, it’s perfect for pre and post-natal women. Most women can workout safely at a Barre Attack class throughout their pregnancy and post-six week check after baby. The only resistance through the class is their own body weight, resistance bands and balls so it’s not too taxing on the body, rather it builds greater body awareness, retains core muscle structure and builds endurance physically and mentally for the birth.

Works on imbalances ...
The workout puts a lot of emphasis on single leg exercises, which not only gives your legs an extra burn but also allows you to work on imbalances. Many workouts usually focus on two leg exercises such as squats or dead lifts which often results in your stronger leg taking the bulk of the force. However, by focusing on one leg movement it forces both sides to get strong, it encourages balance and core strength as a result.

An all-in-one workout ...
Barre Attack isn’t like any other barre in the market because it mixes resistance training with cardio bursts, which means you are getting a full-bodied workout in one class. Barre Attack uses a lot of repetitive moves whilst doing an exercise. Cardio bursts, such as burpees or frogs, happen throughout the class to keep your heart rate up to burns calories and work on your cardiovascular endurance.

Renee Scott is a former ballerina and founder of Barre Attack.