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Yemi Sul on Julia Fox, Clarins Joli Rouge, and the 90s beauty trend she’s loving right now

yemi sul

Strip it back. DJ and model Yemi Sul has always known how to serve up a striking beauty moment. In her books, less is always more – unless you're opting for a cherry red bold lip, in which case, Clarins Joli Rouge is the product of choice. Below, Yemi Sul talks beauty icons, the 90s makeup trend she's loving right now, and how a strong red lip always makes her feel like a 1920s Hollywood star.


What’s your first beauty-related memory?

My first beauty related memory would be probably around the age of 14, when my mum was introducing me to cleansers and moisturisers. She was teaching me which order to apply them in and emphasised the importance of cleansing your face both day and night.

I think my mum is quite glamorous and takes a lot of pride in her appearance, so I was excited to be initiated into this next phase of womanhood and partake in skin care and beauty.


Can you walk me through your morning and evening beauty routines?

My morning routine includes cleansing my face, applying a daily oil straight away letting that soak in, following this step with a sunscreen, and then my regular makeup routine. I follow the same routine in the evening, except I remove my makeup, cleanse again, and apply either a night oil or a heavier evening cream to hydrate my face overnight.


What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day. It depends on whether I’m working on a personal creative project from a shared workspace,  DJing an event, shooting as talent, or creating mixes – it’s always a mixed bag.

How would you describe your approach to beauty?

I like to accentuate my natural features and play around with a really stripped back bare face. But other times I go in the complete opposite direction and wear a bold lip, or a statement eye as the focal piece of what I’m wearing.

Beauty is essentially how you feel about yourself from within, so I like to make my outer appearance match my inner mood and that manifests itself drastically differently from day to day.


When would you wear a bold lip, like Clarins Joli Rouge?

I would wear a Clarins Joli Rouge when I’m feeling powerful and strong but also romantic and cheeky. A strong red lipstick makes me feel like a hollywood movie star from the 20s and I love to lean into the femininity that encompasses that level of glamour.


Is there a beauty trend you’re loving right now?

A beauty trend I’m loving right now is lined lips with a two toned lip colour. It’s 90s inspired but then taken up a notch by the blending of 2 different shades. You usually put a lighter colour in the centre and build out with a deeper & darker shade of lipstick on the outer edges of your lips.


What is your favourite Clarins Joli Rouge lip colour?

My favourite colour is #743 cherry red. Classic.

yemi sul

Do you have a beauty icon? Who are they and why?

My beauty icon at the moment is Julia Fox. I love the way she pushes boundaries, does a lot of her own makeup, is proactive about wearing independent emerging designers, and is quite forward about ageing. She’s also close in age to me and I love to see women in their 30s having prominent success in alternative careers that go against the grain.


What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?

Wear sunscreen, drink more water, and always have a moisturised lip balm or lipstick on hand.


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