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Yan Yan Chan shares her favourite moments from Dion Lee SS 20

From fittings in Dion Lee's New York studio space, to her favourite pieces in the designer's SS 20 runway hosted on the rooftop of a Lower East Side school, Yan Yan Chan sends RUSSH her postcards from NYFW.

"Final fittings ahead of the show. Although last minute pinnings and styling were made, the team was cool, calm and collected."

"Show pins, R.M.Williams and a mixture of his very own leather shoes."

"Chains custom made by Dion's close friend."

"Favourite hues to welcome the SS in."

"First fitting. I haven't worn black in months but there's something about NYC and Dion Lee that always makes me gravitate towards black and his sexy slouchy approach to a perfectly tailored pant."

"Dela, my main point of contact always has my back no matter how last minute I come into the showroom. We're constantly playing dress-ups."

"D pins the back of my top with some spare pins he finds on his casting board."


"And just when you think you can predict New York, she decides to turn the heat up for no particular reason. Incredible light, but extremely steamy."

"Just the right amount of skin, and in the most perfect of areas."

"Me all summer long."

"Dion's deconstructed blazer 3.0. 4.0? Not sure, but I love how he updates his signature cut-out blazer every season. The contrast between a classic blazer material with this sheer flowy skirt is such a vibe."

"I'm obsessed with all of the buttery leather Dion has slowly started to inject in his recent collections. You can't go wrong with this oversized nude tan addition."

"And just when you thought you knew the parameters of foundation application ... Foundation art by Erin Parsons from Maybelline."

"Braids for days. For Dion's latest he decided to show at the rooftop of LES's local high school. Kind of a dream come true for most of his Aussie attendees who had never set foot in an all American high school. I know I did, and I may or may not have died a little bit when I walked into the school cafeteria. 16 year old me was beaming, and I very much miss getting my hair braided from my Mom."

"Perfect definition of lingerie appropriate attire worn outside."

"I wish I wore this to prom."