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European dreams: Where to find the marble furniture pieces you’re seeing all over Instagram

where to buy marble furniture

As many of us know, beginning the process of furnishing a new home, or arguably, the slightly more challenging task of refurbishing an existing space is no easy feat. Particularly, when you're making design and interior decisions that you're hoping will withstand the better part of a lifetime. While deciding between a green velvet couch and a more understated alternative presents its own set of difficulties, the most important decision lies in your foundation pieces – the furniture that sets the groundwork. With this in mind, finding a skilled craftsman to bring your vision to life is part of the challenge; especially when it comes to a material like marble, and where to buy the best marble furniture.

Although it might seem like marble furniture is having a real moment right now, as we know with such materials, not all pieces are made equal. It's important to understand beyond the aesthetics. How is the marble sourced? Do you prefer a more polished or less refined finish?

Whether you have your eye on that marble coffee table you're constantly seeing on your Instagram feed, or are looking for a more unique, custom-made piece hailing from international waters. Here are nine of the best recommendations for where to buy marble furniture.

west elm


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As far as sourcing marble furniture, west elm is a great place to begin. The online furniture retailer has an endless offering of marble pieces; regardless of which room you're looking to decorate. One of its main specialities is in the way of marble tables – coffee, dining and side-table size. If you have been on the hunt for the gold metal-base marble consoles you've seen in the homes of all your favourite Parisian influencers, west elm speaks your language. While the website certainly offers its fair share of statement marble furniture, you'll also be able to shop more subtle decorative pieces like marble-based lamps, coasters and bar carts.


En Gold


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If you're the type of person who finds their interiors inspiration through Instagram, you would be very familiar with the unmistakable marble coffee tables from Australian-based brand, En Gold. For those who love a fusion of textures, you'll find a forever piece with En Gold. For the Estrella collection – arguably one of the brand's most popular collections – En Gold partnered with the original artisans who created the designs over 30 years ago. Which, is why the tables, buffets and plinths they sell have a unique vintage quality. The company also has sustainability front of mind, consciously creating limited quantities of its products to support slow interiors and limit waste. Due to the natural quality of the stone and marble En Gold uses, no two pieces will ever be the same; so you will always have something that feels entirely yours.


Sarah Ellison


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For followers of Australian interior design, the name Sarah Ellison will certainly be familiar. Putting her extensive styling tips and knowledge to further use, she moved into the realm of product design and now has one of the most covetable marble furniture offerings on the internet. The Chub coffee table (seen above) made of creamy marble and warm oak is one of the brand's most highly-desired pieces. You'll also be able to find the perfect accompaniment to your selection as Ellison is known for much more than just marble furniture. It's a one-stop-shop, really.


Coco Republic


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A fixture in the Australian furniture landscape; it's no surprise that Coco Republic is one of the top picks for where to buy marble furniture. One of the best in luxury furniture, Coco Republic is the perfect place to find marble furniture that is far from ordinary. You'll be able to find out-of-the-box pieces like marble book stands, timber and marble dressers and even chandeliers; if you're searching for your statement piece. Many of their pieces are made to order though, so definitely allow some time for your pieces to arrive before you settle into your new space.


Harpers Project

If you're a sucker for Scandinavian style but want to elevate your timber pieces with a touch of marble; Harpers Project will satisfy your interior design dreams. A particular standout piece is the brand's mosaic coffee table, but if you're after something more refined, you can't go past the marble plinth coffee table. The stones used by Harpers Project are hand-selected from European quarries, but are designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia. Each piece has a quality intrinsic to handmade furniture, so, whatever you choose you'll know it was made with consideration.


Lithos Design


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There's nothing quite like customisable furniture, particularly when it is designed by an international artisan. Italian-based custom marble furniture designer Lithos Design is the obvious choice for pieces that are original by design and unique by nature. The company has a deep understanding of the materials they work with, in collaboration with designer Raffaello Galiotto. The great thing, of course, is that there are almost no restrictions – so, you can essentially make all your homewares dreams come to life.




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A hidden gem we've recently come across on Instagram, Marbera is the custom marble furniture brand hailing from Italy and showing in Paris. If you're a lover of European interiors made from true European craftsmen, Marbera is the place to find your forever piece. They have become particularly well-known for their jelly marble plinths, which, you'll be able to spot in designer stores and retailers across Europe. We also love that the company's work is still relatively under the radar; so if you do end up making a purchase, don't be surprised if your Instagram DM's are flooded with questions.


Curated Spaces


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Every so often, social media reminds us that when looking for where to buy marble furniture, sometimes the answer is Instagram. Such, is the case with Curated Spaces; a vintage curator whose following has stretched beyond the realms of social media. Curated Spaces is the best place to find archival marble pieces you won't find in any other furniture store. New items are added to the list each week; but they don't last long. Unlike other resale sites, all the details including location and transportation are clearly listed against each item.


Glicks Furniture


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If you're familiar with Glicks Furniture; you'll know that the company is one of the leading retailers in premium quality replica furniture. One of their most well-known pieces is their replica piece of Eero Saarinen's iconic Tulip table – which, an original, is almost impossible to get your hands on. Glicks Furniture also offers other mid-century pieces like the Arco Standing Lamp and the Warren Platner dining table.


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