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What you know

Hanna Holman @ IMG wears MARIEYAT bra and briefs from Par Femme.

Whenever we look to pursue something new in our lives – whether it be in the form of education, enlightenment or fulfilment in an area we may feel is lacking – we must first begin to acknowledge an understanding in what we are trying to achieve or gain. Without this, we are merely working in blind faith.

We can take this idea and relate it back to boxing, a toning and conditioning workout that can help to strengthen the whole body. Understanding comes about through the use of basic techniques: the correct execution of these allows us to achieve these full-body benefits.

The largest generator of force comes through the use of the legs and more importantly the rotation of the core: the source of your body’s ability to generate power in a short period of time. This is generated from the ground, into the legs, into the core for maximum tension.  The force of the punch is transferred through the arms and shoulders and exited through the fists in the final blow. Without understanding the process the punches must travel through, we are unable to move efficiently in delivering maximal force.

“The importance of understanding what you pursue is applicable to more than just boxing and fitness. It can be applied to all aspects of life.”

Growing up, my granddad taught me a lot about life in a cryptic Karate Kid-type way. He lived on a farm at the top of the hill where horses ran free. One of the most memorable tools he used was his tan leather stock whip that had weathered with all the years of use. He would use the whip as a training tool to make the horses comfortable with movement and sound. When he would turn a blind eye I would grab the whip and try and make it make the big loud crack that he so often did. Every so often there would be a fizzle or a pop that would insight a spark of delight in me but never the full crack. Now, when I reflect back on these moments I can see why I was unable to make the whip do as I had wished: I simply did not understand the technique required to make it do so.

When I am training people I often refer boxing back to my grandfathers whip. Your legs and core strong like the base of the tan wooden handle, your arms and shoulders limber like the cracked leather braided cord. And the crack comes through the fists.

You should always seek to gain an understanding of what you pursue. If you are simply going through the motions you minimise your potential for maximum benefits and results. Building knowledge and understanding is an investment in yourself.

Zach Vickers is a co-founder of Transpose Fitness.