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What to see at Melbourne International Film Festival

“I’m excited about this year because I feel like there is a new generation that are coming through who are making films in a different way, they’re not totally reliant on old structures.”

For 65 years, Melbourne International Film Festival has been providing filmmakers with means to tell their unique stories. At the helm has been artistic director Michelle Carey who’s spent the past decade sourcing, compiling and nurturing emerging cinematic talent. “I find films so inspiring,” she says. “Not only aesthetically … but as a different way of looking at the world.”

As for the new generation of talent lending their viewpoints to this year’s schedule, Carey cites the Karrabing Film Collective, presenting three new films for 2018, and Alena Lodkina, whose Strange Colours boasts a distinct visual style.

MIFF is known for its focus on fashion films and documentaries, and this year we can look forward to insight into the lives of two British icons in Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, and McQueen, presented by RUSSH.

The MIFF is held in multiple venues across Melbourne and runs from August 2-19. You can get to know the program and purchase tickets here.