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WelleCo knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Well balanced. Tune into your body with WelleCo’s Dr Simoné Laubscher and David Wilkinson, as we ask them about the benefits of plant-based diets and their new range of Super Boosters, designed to tip the health scales in your body’s favour.

Why do we need to add boosters into our diets?
The Super Boosters came out of an idea the WelleCo team had to add a ‘boost’ compatible with the regular stable of products, like the Super Elixir and Nourishing Plant Protein. Instead of being applicable for general wellness like the existing range, the Super Boosters are specifically targeted to certain health areas and designed to be used for as long as there’s a need. Wherever possible, we have chosen a premium plant-based ingredient to replace more common manufactured supplement ingredients, whether it is Tasmanian and Icelandic seaweed or Kakadu plum from northern Australia.

Each of the seven products provides targeted support for a particular health area: skin, hair and nails, bone and joint health, a liver tonic, gut health, immune system support and female and male libido. The idea is that people will take these as a boost when needed, for example the immune product around cold and flu time, and the bone and joint product for longer periods.

What are the specific ingredients in the Women’s Libido + Hormone Support, and how do these work in the body to improved libido and balance hormones?
The women’s formula contains maca, black cohosh, red raspberry leaf and holy basil extracts, with natural vitamin E. Maca root is traditionally used in Peruvian medicine to promote energy and a healthy libido and to support healthy sexual function. Black cohosh maintains healthy hormone balance and may relieve the symptoms of menopause. Red raspberry leaf supports female cycles and hormonal shifts. Holy basil supports the body's adaptation to stress. Together this medicinal blend of herbs & adaptogens assists with balancing hormones naturally and enhancing energy and libido.

How long after using the boosters can we expect to see results?
This is a tough question as individuals do respond differently, just as they might with prescription medication. We’d expect quicker results with products like Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum and Women’s Libido + Hormone Support than we would with Bone Strength + Joint Health that’s designed to provide nutritional support over an extended period. I’d advise to tune into your body’s reaction to the products. It’s always the best gauge.

Why is reducing acidic and inflammatory foods better for our health?
All diseases flourish in an acidic environment. So by choosing a lifestyle of more plant based live foods verses acid forming animal based foods you will reduce your acidic load and inflammation. The body prefers an internal environment that is oxygenated to prevent disease and eating more plants high in Chlorophyll supports such an environment and supports disease prevention.

What are the easiest ways to reduce acidity through our diets?
I always tell my patients to swap foods instead of just removing for elimination diets can get pretty boring and hard to stick to long term. Anyone can do a detox but the best is to live a less acidic lifestyle. So swap our cow’s milk for a plant milk, swap out red meat for more fish, swap our yoghurt for kefir or coconut yoghurt, swap out gluten for rice  and swap our sugar for stevia. That way it feels painless and supports long term changes and therefore long term good health. Adding in live Whole Foods and super greens  such as Super Elixir will fast track your health, reducing toxic acidic wastes and moving you into vibrant health. Swapping out animal protein for a vegan protein such as WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein one meal a day will also reduce acidity whilst also increasing your energy and balancing your blood sugar levels and food cravings.