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We spent a perfect weekend in Sydney with fashion buyer and consultant Ilkin Kurt

Make it a date. We've been admirers of fashion buyer, designer and consultant Ilkin Kurt for years - and her sharp eye for design, personal style and encyclopaedic insight into the fashion industry makes her a woman we want to get to know even better. From an afternoon at the Art Gallery of NSW to vintage shopping on Newtown's King Street, Kurt shares postcards from a weekend in Sydney, always with her R.M.Williams bucket bag in tow.

"Always on the hunt for a vintage magazine. These days I’m quite into cinemographs. Luckily found a unique magazine full of Fellini and Godard!"

"A small walk in the neighbourhood. South King Street in Newtown has some great vintage/antique stores."

"I can spot a rare item from a big shiny mess. I guess it is my DNA considering my both grandparents were all artisans."

"Rugs and 1982 Mercedes."

"Also, another thing I inherited from my grandma is negotiating."

"Exciting day ahead ... hunting for a wooden framed mirror for my living room. Mirrors are perfect for reflecting natural light and the scenery from outside, also they create the illusion of depth and space."

"Blending in. A perfect place to match with your outfit. Not sure if it is a coincidence or sub-conscious choice?"

"My ideal Sunday … Late afternoon visit to NSW Art Gallery when pretty much everyone is ready to leave the museum. Obsessed with this room as 15th-19th century European art could be quite serious and sophisticated at the same time. Painting this room Pantone True Red definitely compliments the art work."

"Everything is in the details ... This beautiful Gustave Courtois, Étude de jeune fille, 1890 painting has always been one of my favourite."

"The world becomes a better place with 5pm light ... Last days of sunny days, grateful to share it with friends."