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We round up the best of Instagram from Glastonbury Festival 2019

Swap out the pistol boots and put on your wellies. Coachella might have the better weather, but Glastonbury’s got that heart and soul. There’s no need for make-up (the rain will wash it away anyway), but that doesn’t mean your outfit should be any less chic – if anything, our favourite festival goers prove Glastonbury is the time to up the ante. In lace dresses, cowboy hats and trench coats, these are our favourite looks from the summer festival.

The original it-girl and fashion designer Alexa Chung, (who has recently launched her own festival-focused fashion line), proved comfort is key in a breezy white dress and light-weight trench coat. Dua Lipa turned the festival into her own private runway, pulling out look after look during the four day event. Sisters Suki and Immy Waterhouse both donned leather jackets - Immy opting for red vinyl, Suki with a leopard trim. London-based photographer and style muse Jessie Bush brought Australia’s signature style to Somerset’s muddy grounds, demonstrating a play on texture and pattern is key to adding interest to a minimal outfit. And RUSSH favourite Camille Charriere packed her finest in the form of a maxi glitter skirt, before opting for the practical choice of denim and hiking boots once she reached the festival’s grounds.