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Way to wellness: does living in the moment mean lounging in the moment?

‘Live in the moment!’ gets thrown around as a platitude so often it almost feels redundant. How does one exactly live in the moment? Are we not always in the moment? How do we achieve this optimum state of mindfulness when our jobs increasingly require us to spend large portions of our time online?

Of course, focusing on the present moment as opposed to dwelling on the past (or stressing about the future) is a proven wellness technique. And aside from meditating, breath work etc, perhaps this also means just pausing for longer?

Sitting down to drink a cup of tea or eat a meal – not in front of a screen. Literally looking out a window. Taking 10 minutes for a face mask. Mundane? Yes. Meaningful. Also, yes. Vittoria soaks in the sun and Kendall relaxes in bed. However you choose to pause just make sure that you do.

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