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Why a wardrobe clean-out is absolutely worth your time

Wardrobe clean out tips

If you're a fan of fashion or maybe a serial shopper, your closet can get rather cluttered. It's so easy to keep adding things your wardrobe without taking anything away. When you're struggling to find an a spare centimetre of hanging rail space for your new jeans, you know it's becoming a problem. And you're probably in need of a closet cleanse.

With this in mind, we called in the experts. RUSSH spoke to Bianca and Jenna from Trading in Style for their advice on reorganising your closet, working out what to cull and how to dispose of your pieces sustainably.


Why is it worthwhile to do a closet clean-out?

Often people say "I have so many clothes but nothing to wear". When your closet is too full it can be very overwhelming; having an organised and curated closet makes getting dressed a lot more efficient and exciting.

When decluttering you realise what’s missing in your closet and where you should be investing. We live by the mantra “clear closet, clear mind.”


When is the best time to start or think about reorganising your closet?

Entering into a new season is the ultimate time for a wardrobe refresh.

Another optimal time to declutter your wardrobe is in times of change; such as between jobs, moving into a new place or whilst at home in isolation given the current COVID-19 circumstances. Reorganising helps put order into one's life when there is chaos in other areas. It’s therapeutic and gives a sense of order.

It’s a daunting task. How do you get started?

Start with a section of your closet, for example your shoes. Then follow these two steps.

Step 1. Divide into 4 sections or piles

KEEP - anything that you love and that you are going to wear

RESALE - anything that has resale value, in excellent condition that you want to rehome

CHARITY - anything that may not have resale value but someone else could enjoy, in great condition

CHUCK - anything that is worn out and not worthy for anyone else

Step 2. Pack away past seasons items. Clean inside of the wardrobe. Then put current seasons items back into the wardrobe in a merchandised fashion.

For example you could colour coordinate, or group by style (sneakers, heels). This makes it easier when getting ready in the morning.

Start with the next section; and the process continues.


What are your top tips?

Anything you haven't worn in one year, the chances are you won't wear it again. In that case it’s time to let go, unless it's a classic or sentimental piece.

Be ruthless, less is more. When your closet is overloaded, it becomes overwhelming and takes away from the fun when getting dressed.

Make sure you have thin velour (non-slip) hangers that don't take up too much room. The subtle change of having matching hangers allows your eyes to focus and scan your garments with ease.

If you aren't quite sure about letting something go, try moving it into another room for a few weeks and test yourself. If you find yourself missing it, then you know it's a keeper!



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When you’ve decided on what to cull, what’s your advice for disposing of your old pieces sustainably?

Pay it forward and rehome your pieces..."one woman's trash is another woman's treasure". It's the fashion circle of life.

You can resell through consignment stores such as ours Trading in Style, or donate to charity such as our partner of choice Dress for Success. Trading in Style provides an easy way to cash in your wardrobe quickly and efficiently. As well as giving the pieces you aren't wearing anymore a second life. With so much excess in the world, and the fashion industry being one of the biggest contributors of pollution, it's really important to recycle clothes and not just unnecessarily add to landfill.

Images: Tali Binkin