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View from the top with Wendy Iles

She’s the award-winning hairstylist behind some of the most iconic editorials in the industry, working with the likes of Natalia Vodianova, Alessandra Ambrosio and Marion Cotillard. Here, Wendy Iles shares her industry secrets, the advice she stands by and the reason she’ll never use hair spray.

The top 5 most useful products backstage / on set are
Iles Formula Finishing serum is all I ever use on hair ... I’m not a lover of styling products as my signature is really luscious silky locks, which you don’t get with heavy styling.
I prefer my original GHD 1 inch styling plate better than the newer versions, which [have] bulkier sides.
BaByliss PRO Ionic curling tongs are a must because I like a tong with a strong clamp.
Cardboard cartons about 2.5 cm wide and 5 cm long are a secret. I use them to settle down flyaway hairs while hair is in cooking time. This replaces hairspray use.
I do like a strong, powerful hairdryer. Collexia is an Italian brand, very light and powerful. It also has a great speed control and one switch that delivers perfect wind on set to create poetry in hair movement.

The product(s) most worth the investment are …
Iles Formula 3 Step system because they really do instantly repair all hair types. Nothing else comes close to the performance of these and I’m obsessed with beautiful healthy hair. 

My biggest beauty trick / tip is …
Not using hairspray! Hair has memory. One mustn’t ruin this with a sticky crunchy substance.

My favourite career memory/ highlight is …
Winning the Hollywood Beauty Awards this time last year. I have an Oscar for hair sitting on my desk. It’s unbelievable but true.

My advice to people getting started in the industry is …
Believe in yourself: if you think you can do something you will. This goes to so many levels … It could be your entire career or just executing that particular hair cut or colour you want to create, or building a better relationship with that difficult client. Self-worth expels confidence; people want a confident hairdresser and someone they can trust in.