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Marine collagen was the ingestible beauty supplement on the fashion set’s lips this fashion week – and here’s why

Vida Glow Marine Collagen

In partnership with Vida Glow. 

As our beauty preferences have begun to shift, there's no denying that the focus has inverted. As we have come to realise more than ever, taking care of our skin is just as much about what we put inside our bodies as the topical treatments we apply to our skin. Looking around the crowded galleries at last week's Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, it was clear that the industry's most noteworthy faces – both off and on the runway – certainly agree. The inner glow was unmissable. The secret? Ingestible beauty.

Namely, we're talking marine-collagen; which is a formulation Vida Glow have seamlessly harnessed into a vibrant sachet that looks right at home in the front row. For the uninitiated, marine-collagen is a supplement that is derived from the skin of fish. The way it works is that upon ingestion, it delivers essential amino acids to the dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin, to help stimulate skin renewal. In turn, marine-collagen has a proven impact on the improvement of skin tone and texture, skin firmness, increased elasticity and the ability to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. And given the week that was, it's no wonder this ingestible beauty product was the name on everyone's lips.


Unlike bovine-collagen, which is the form of protein used in most other products, Vida Glow's Marine-Collagen understands the importance of efficiency. A fundamental element when it comes to maximising your beauty routine – especially with an overwhelming schedule and never-ending to-do list trailing behind you. Because of the way Vida Glow's Marine-Collagen is hydrolysed once it enters the body, it has a lower molecular weight and high bioavailability. Essentially, what this means is that the peptides are actually smaller, which makes Vida Glow's Marine-Collagen 1.5 times easier for the body to absorb. So, you can consume less while still achieving the same results.

A routine staple in the RUSSH teams' Fashion Week shrapnel, it's clear we're not alone in our love for ingestible beauty. As night fell on the eve of the renowned F**k Fashion soiree, RUSSH purists like Shimma Marie, Alicia Davis and Mimi Elashiry indulged in some much-needed reprieve; sipping on the exclusive Vida Glow, Glow Gimlet cocktail. An illustrious concoction of elderflower, fresh cucumber and the covetable Vida Glow Marine-Collagen original sachet, the fashion set prove once again that there's more than one way to enjoy marine-collagen.

You can find out more about marine-collagen on Vida Glow's website.

Glow Gimlet Recipe:

Vida Glow Marine Collagen

30ml Hendricks

5ml Mint Liquor

30ml Lime Juice

10ml Elderflower Syrup

½ Vida Glow original

Cucumber Garnish

Shake and fine strain


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