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Vicki Lee presents Sillage

Sillage (n.): the scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been gone; the trace of someone’s perfume.

Flashbacks felt in the opening notes of favourite songs, the scents of past lovers, or the visceral nostalgia imprinted in the rooms we grew up in. Like mirrors in the mind, reflections of what once was and is no longer - memories play an integral albeit ambiguous role in shaping our present selves.  Artist and friend of RUSSH, Vicki Lee, explores this concept of sensory memory - it's evasiveness and inimitability - through her first solo exhibition, Sillage. “Ever since I was a child, I can remember these déjà vu like experiences that would float through me, as if I’ve been transported to another form of existence,” she says. “I am still myself and remain completely conscious, but it feels like I’m experiencing someone else’s memory.” Though melting streams of resin and acrylic paint, Lee offers audiences a glimpse inside her creative process, and her experience of time, of recall, and conscious memory.

Sillage opens at Comber Street gallery, Paddington, April 21-22 2018.