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How we connect: Mimi Elashiry and Daniel Baker dive into the labyrinth of Versace

In partnership with Versace


True connection. Something so significant, you feel its presence before you even catch a glimpse – enveloping you in a comfort that comes with years of knowing, of loving, of learning. An electricity that powers through you, so overwhelming its absence leaves you feeling barren, less than.

It’s this type of magnetism that runs through Mimi Elashiry and Daniel Baker – a unity that extends beyond this universe, cemented with a single locking of eyes. A merging of DNA, of evolution, fearlessness, movement.

It’s an attitude which similarly underpins the Versace Fall-Winter 2021 collection. A reimagining of the House’s iconic Greek Key motif, La Greca heralds a new, contemporary understanding of connection; an addition to Versace’s labyrinth of ideas, creation, love and nourishment.

An assurance that no matter where we go, we’ll always have this to come back to.


Versace Fall-Winter 2021

Daniel wears VERSACE vest and pants. Mimi wears VERSACE shirt, skirt and earrings.


The first thing we should know about you both is…

We don't take ourselves too seriously.

Three words to describe your relationship…

Adventurous, empowering, passionate.


Versace Fall-Winter 2021

Top: Daniel wears VERSACE jacket, shirt and shorts. Mimi wears VERSACE top, skirt, pants, shoes and earrings. Bottom: Daniel wears VERSCAE coat and pants. Mimi wears VERSACE vest, pants and ring.


What does ‘icon status’ mean to you?

Mimi: Icon status, whether it's a brand or an Individual with a very unique and authentic visual representation. An individual’s style, the way they take photos, create art and leave their mark in the world develops icon status. For brands like Versace, the La Greca motif, or the Medusa is something you see and recognise immediately.

I feel that the La Greca motif is equally as iconic as it is timeless and mysterious. I love the design repetition throughout this Versace collection.

Daniel: Artists and creators who I've always looked up to in the limelight have expressed themselves through the extravagance of brands with icon status like Versace. It’s an unwavering confidence.


Daniel wears VERSACE shirt, pants and ring. Mimi wears VERSACE coat.


Your couple style can best be described as…

M: I feel we Harmoniously complement each other's style, masculine and feminine expressions of a dark and sensual contemporary eclecticism. Danny's style is an iconic synergy of Gothic, Avant-guarde and Rock and Roll energy. My style leans into expressing femininity in all its forms, sensual materials, cutouts, exquisite tailoring and bondage accessories.

We are constantly inspiring and encouraging each other to push boundaries and express ourselves authentically – regardless of what is  "trending". Together we are evolving our unapologetic, individual expression through style.


Versace Fall-Winter 2021

Daniel wears VERSACE necklace; stylist's own swimwear. Mimi wears VERSACE necklace and earrings; stylist's own swimwear.

Connection is…

D: To me, connection is truth in communication. No judgement. The loving flow of energy between two human beings. The ebs and flows of "us" energy and individual growth.

Our journey together and the connection that we had since we met eyes has been a spiritual and cosmic evolution for the both of us. In some ways I feel like it was destiny – out of our control. I feel like the universe really allowed us to connect when the time was right.


Daniel wears VERSACE pants and hat. Mimi wears VERSACE dress.



Daniel wears VERSACE shirt, pants and ring. Mimi wears VERSACE coat.


Your most memorable memory together…

Our third date. It was love at first Hike. Cathedral ranges in VIC. We set out at sparrows with plenty of snacks, caffeine and a fantastic Joe Dispenza podcast; to wander up a mountain and marvel at the view. We found ourselves literally rock climbing, clambering around cliff faces in the howling wind and laughing at ourselves for being a little too advantageous in our regular active wear – while other hikers had their tactical boots and hiking poles on this level 5 climb.


Daniel wears VERSACE jacket and pants. Mimi wears VERSACE dress, earrings, necklace and ring.

Together we feel…

Unstoppable, magical, supported, empowered and cared for in a way we could have only Imagined in the past. The playfulness and complete comfortability create a running comedy between us making even serious times flow on with ease.


Daniel wears VERSACE vest, shirt and necklace. Mimi wears VERSACE dress, earrings, necklace and ring.


Experience the full Versace Fall-Winter 2021 collection on the Versace website, now.


FEATURE IMAGE: Daniel wears VERSACE vest and pants. Mimi wears VERSACE shirt, skirt and earrings.
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
TALENT Mimi Elashiry @ Kult Australia, Daniel Baker
HAIR Pete Lennon @ HM Division
MAKEUP Molly Warkentin @ HM Division


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