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Bring out the red balloons because Valentino has just hit his milestone 90th birthday

Like Mr Big on the footsteps of Carrie's New York brownstone today we're bringing out the red balloons and champagne for Mr Valentino, who has just hit a major milestone turning 90.

Born in 1932, destined to be a visionary of considerable esteem and grace,  for over 50 years his designs have redefined style, and a unique stamp of refined beauty. For years, his meticulous detail and craftsmanship has been a hallmark of his that many have emulated. This milestone is yet another reminder of his considerable influence of the industry, and his namesake colour which has played such a vital part of that journey.

valentino 90th birthday

A true sentiment to his contribution to the society of fashion, an exhibition of his work will take place at the Teatro Sociale in Voghera, the township of his birth some ninety years ago. In an expression of his true connection to his art form, a site-specific installation, that will be open to the public and will feature exclusive creations designed by Valentino, from the 1960s to the entire first decade of the 21st century.

At the heart of this will of course be a display of his signature red dresses, the most overt and powerful display of femininity and his namesake. In addition to this, a selection of 36 monochromatic dresses will be on display. An anthology of styles highlighting his evolution through the decades. The exhibition will be wrapped up in a bespoke Valentino bow with a limited edition sweatshirt born from Mr Valentino's modest and sophisticated point of view: “I Love Beauty, It’s Not My Fault”.



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You will be able to purchase the limited edition hoodie at Valentino from May 11th. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Fondazione Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti.

So with all that said, Happy Birthday Mr Valentino, We Love You, It's Not Our Fault.

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