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An “Unconventional” Virgo, Meet Jeet Pavlovic

A RUSSH girl from the beginning, with those bee-stung lips and sun-speckled cheeks she’s been impossible for us to forget. She’s called Bondi beach home her whole life and, though she’s only been modelling for 18 months, she’s caught the eye of fashion’s elite. An “unconventional” Virgo, foodie and lover of all things denim and vintage; introducing our April Face – Jeet.

BALLY top and shirt; BOTTEGA VENETA earrings; model's own ring (worn throughout).

“My parents named me before I was born thinking I was a boy, calling me Jeet after Bruce Lee's kung fu style, Jeet Kune Do.”

VEDA dress from EAST43; PRADA shoes; model's own earrings (worn throughout).
VEDA dress from EAST43.
LOEWE dress from Parlour X; BOTTEGA VENETA earrings.

Alex Cameron’s She’s Mine is sure to get her dancing, and her perfect day would be close to the ocean – friends close by and picnic at hand. She lives by the mantra that “if it's not OK, it's not the end” and finds inspiration in those she holds closest. “My entire family have all excelled within the creative industry so growing up in an environment of art has allowed me to see modelling as a creative outlet. I really look up to my dad. We are exactly the same … He is also the only person who thinks I'm funny.”

“I’m a Virgo - they say Virgos are tidy but I'm probably the messiest person you'll ever meet.”

VETEMENTS dress from Parlour X; PRADA shoes.
VALENTINO top from The Vintage Clothing Shop; BOTTEGA VENETA earrings.

“My biggest life lesson is ‘it hasn't happened until it has happened’. Things will come to you eventually and for a reason.”

VALENTINO top from The Vintage Clothing Shop.
BALLY top and shirt; BOTTEGA VENETA earrings.

PHOTOGRAPHY Max Papendieck
FASHION Billie Iveson
MODEL Jeet Pavlovic @ Priscillas
HAIR Renya Xydis @ Talentland using Wella Pro and Cloud 9
MAKEUP Nadine Monley @ Title Artist Management using Chanel