Turn back time at SpaQ

If I could turn back time. Right in the beating heart of Sydney's central shopping district you’ll find the QT Sydney’s newly launched Skeyndor x SpaQ partnership. A short elevator ride off the busy street and the hustle of city life becomes a distant memory.

The Timeless Prodigy facial by Skeyndor is nothing short of the ultimate luxury. This is a facial that doesn’t just stop at your neck, but extends down your arms, back, chest and feet. You’ll have your feet massaged and your legs stretched, your neck repositioned and Skeyndor's natural skincare range nourishing you to the very tips of your fingers.

This also isn’t the kind of facial where product is moved aimlessly around your face. Instead, “it stimulates your skin with 50 million damask rose steam cells, and five growth factors that work directly on the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, to enhance your skin’s density, smoothness, brightness, firmness and vitality.”

You’ll be cleansed (twice), peeled, misted, masked, treated, infused and massaged, and once you’re done there is a noticeable juiciness to the skin. Best suited to older skin, you’ll stay hydrated and plump over the course of the following days.

Circa the quarter-way mark of your treatment you’ll think you’re coming to the end - you're mistaken. It’s best to anticipate the time out, with no access to the outside world, so try and just sink into the feeling. This is an hour and a half of total relaxation you can justify.