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Watch the exclusive premiere of Tora’s new single, ‘Inundated’

A Force Majeure, the third album from Tora, is scheduled to drop in just under a month. Heralding from Byron Bay, the four-piece first caught our attention with their self-titled first album. However, it was their album, Take A Rest, released in 2017 that captured our hearts. Their silky vocals and soulful electronica is reminiscent of an early James Blake, gentle yet withholding.

Ahead of the release of their much anticipated album, Tora have delivered us a sliver of what we can expect from their latest record with an exclusive look at their song Inundated. 

Inundated dwells on delusion and our fear of vulnerability. Lead vocalist Jo Loewenthal explains, "This song is about being absolutely infatuated by somebody, whilst simultaneously being afraid that they are stringing you along, leading you to believe a false reality, it’s about being afraid to fully trust somebody because they make you feel so good that you fear how much power they wield over you." An experience that we can all probably admit to experiencing at least once.

In the music video, Loewenthal appears as a hooded figure in all-black stumbling across the vast dunes of Vlieland. The dutch island is enveloped by a judgement-day red sky, sand stirring around him from a wind just out of our periphery.

Like most creative endeavours, it was during the final stages of recording A Force Majeure, that Inundated was born. Loewenthal said, "this was one of the last additions to the album, in the late stages of recording the album we discovered this idea which came together really fast and had this different energy so we felt compelled to include it.”

While we wait patiently for A Force Majeure to drop, you can satiate your thirst for more of Tora's music on Spotify.

You can watch the RUSSH exclusive premiere of Inundated below.

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Images: @joloew