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TikTok’s 242 makeup rule is a recipe for success

242 rule

I find the most useful cooking recipes are the ones that act as a scaffold, allowing you to fill in all the blanks with whatever is in your fridge. It's a gesture in the right direction, rather than a blow-by-blow tutorial. The same applies to the world of beauty. Don't tell me what exact products to use (although if you've found a winner, do share), with what tools and under what Full Moon. Just hand me a rough guide and send me on my way. It's for this reason TikTok's new 242 rule is kind of genius.

First off, let me preface by saying the 242 rule isn't exactly groundbreaking. Chances are you've been using this approach since you were handed your first pot of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. However, the formula of applying two products on the eyes, four as a base, and two on your lips is a great way to think about your makeup. It provides a helpful structure, especially for those who aren't as invested in beauty, and is the foundation of a quick, no-makeup makeup look.

Beauty can feel a little too prescriptive these days (see: just about all of the food-adjacent trends coined by Hailey Bieber). Which is why we find ourselves gravitating towards anything that we can put our own spin on. The 242 rule is a prime example. Only have 10 minutes to slap on some makeup? Just think: 242. Not in the mood to commit to a complicated beat? 242.

Here's what that might look like to you. After your skin prep, put down a layer of foundation or skin tint, followed by concealer, blush and bronzer or contour. Next up, eyebrows or a single eyeshadow (maybe it's neutral or a colour – here's where your own preferences come in) and some mascara. Lastly, think about your lips. Is it a liner and gloss or lip tint and balm? Either way, this simple rule will help you reframe your makeup steps. It's a guaranteed recipe for success, regardless of whether the look you're going for is simple and minimal or bold and bright.

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