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Tigmi Trading on balancing style and functionality in your home

Tigmi Trading

Curating your ideal interior takes time, patience and a certain knack for design. So, we always like to turn to the experts when we have questions or need more inspiration.

We've recently got the chance to speak to the interior experts at Tigmi Trading, the luxe home and decor curators out of Byron Bay. Director of Tigmi Trading Danielle McEwan sources pieces from Morocco and beyond; and knows a thing or two about balancing history and modernity in a space. Just look at all the pictures from the Tigmi Trading studio.

We asked Danielle our most burning interior questions and her take on styling rules.


What's your approach to creating a beautiful interior?

Injecting personality and soul by ensuring it is a reflection of its owner; memories, art, vintage pieces acquired on travels create so much more of an inviting space than something that looks like it’s straight from a catalogue.

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How do you balance style and functionality?

It's 100% possible & necessary to look for both - particularly with important purchases like sofas, tables and rugs. I do firmly believe in investing in a few quality pieces that are comfortable, built to last and have been designed with form and function in mind. These pieces will anchor a room and give it personality and create interest as well as being future heirlooms. I always look to iconic designers like Pierre Jeanneret , Mario Bellini and Pierre Paulin for a good sofa or occasional chair that put both function and design at the forefront. Our Etcetera Series is a great example of both.

Tigmi Trading

Do you have any interior design rules? Any styling no-nos?

I’m not really into rules, I go by gut – if it feels right then I’d say go for it! I’m all for trying new things, it should be fun and not taken too seriously. Ideally your home should be a comfortable space that makes you happy.


What are your favourite trends in interiors and home decor at the moment?

I’m really happy to see that there is a trend towards more collected and personality driven interiors - one that truly reflects the individual’s taste and essence rather than following a particular style or formula. Vintage pieces paired with modern contemporary, Scandinavian design with mid-century – plus anything else thrown into the mix as long as it’s considered.


When trying to reinvent or redesign a space, where is the best place to start?

Always start with how you want to use the space and how you want it to feel. A warm and intimate lounge space vs a high-traffic shared entertaining space will require very different elements.


Tigmi Trading


If you were refreshing an interior, and could only pick three pieces to replace, which would they be?

A rug can really ground and inform a space, lighting is an easy way to add mood and a sculptural or interesting vintage piece will add depth and character. We have an obsession with vintage chairs and rugs at our house and they are always on rotation!



What are your best home styling tips?

I love using lamps to create a cosier and more ambient space, sculptural vases are a great way to add function and interest and playing with textures and colours is always an easy way to create depth and layers.


Tigmi Trading


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