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An unbreakable bond: Tiffany & Co. launches its newest collection, Tiffany Lock

There is more than one way to show your love – it's one of the many reasons why the feeling is so magical. It can speak to you on more than one level, reflecting the nuances within the bonds and relationships we share with others and often ourselves. Physical, sentimental, visual; expressions of love take on unique and different forms. With Tiffany & Co.'s latest collection, aptly titled Tiffany Lock, the luxury jeweller is redefining how we interpret the different connections in our lives, and BLACKPINK star and Tiffany & Co. ambassador, Rosé is helping bring that vision to life in the brand's newest campaign.

The global launch of the collection, which was announced on January 3, 2023, is both distinctive and modern while still possessing the hallmark Tiffany & Co. touches that the Maison has become synonymous with. Inspired by the power of inclusivity and togetherness, Tiffany Lock is a bold and visual statement about the personal bonds that make us who we are. The collection pays homage to the jewellers illustrious heritage – re-envisioning the idea of a padlock, an important motif from The Tiffany Archives – while also introducing the latest innovation to the bangle.

Tiffany’s first all-gender jewellery collection, which will be expanding from its original offering of bangles to include an array of rings, earrings and pendants in various colourways later in the year, features an elegant swivelling mechanism that allows the designs to open and close. A display of the jeweller's ongoing commitment to craftsmanship.

In the campaign, Rosé embodies the collection's "No rules. All welcome" spirit, sporting the sparkling diamond Lock bracelets alongside a selection of other signature Tiffany & Co. pieces. See the video of the K-Pop star below.

“Tiffany Lock is an elegant interpretation of an archival functional design,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication, Tiffany & Co. “Defined by modern, clean lines and a breakthrough clasp mechanism, Tiffany Lock represents an exciting new pillar to our diamond and gold jewellery offering. We are thrilled to unveil our latest icon.”

Tiffany Lock is available at Tiffany & Co. stores around the world and on the Tiffany & Co. website starting on January 2, 2023.


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