This is the sound of my soul: the ‘Soul’ issue playlist

"Every girl I know has got some soul wrapped around her finger like a twenty dollar ring" - The dBs.

Although the soul is one of the hardest things to define, it seems to be that, with music, we can instantly recognise it when we hear it. Whether it be in the timbre of a singer's voice, the content of their lyrics, the surging swell of their arrangements or the most simple melody: the soul can be heard. You catch souls on fire from Spiritualised, and hear Isaak’s soul as he covers The Yardbirds' Heart Full of Soul. Callahan’s soul is served with poignant, blunt, romanticism, songs that soothe as we ride on the feeling. The genre of soul itself, perhaps, provides the rawest and hard hitting expressions of our inner most beings. Be it Wilson Pickett converting the Beatles’ Hey Jude and turning it into something that reflects his own version of soul, or Nina’s iconic voice breaking down and letting it out, it speaks to our core. It is the sound of all that's left when everything else has gone.