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Draw your curtains: Netflix’s ‘The Woman in the Window’ is a thrilling, psychological insight into voyeurism

The Woman in the Window

Whether we like to admit it or not, we've all been that person who listens a little harder or looks a little closer when 'neighbour drama' seems to be taking place. We simply can't help it – humans are naturally curious beings. While we're fairly immune to hearing two kids in the backyard arguing over the last chocolate bar, Netflix's upcoming release, The Woman in the Window, takes voyeurism to a whole new level.

With Amy Adams at the helm, The Woman in the Window takes place almost entirely in the home of Adams' character, Anna; where she spends most of her time drinking wine and watching classic films. Due to her agoraphobia, Anna prefers to experience the outside world from the comfort of her window sill. A habit that leads her to befriend her neighbour Jane. But what follows is unlike most normal neighbourhood friendships. This is a thriller, after all.

I'll let Netflix's official synopsis give you some more insight.

“Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is an agoraphobic child psychologist who finds herself keeping tabs on the picture perfect family across the street through the windows of her New York City brownstone. Her life is turned upside down when she inadvertently witnesses a brutal crime.”

Watch the trailer for the film below.

The film is based on the best-selling 2018 novel by the same name; written by author A.J Finn; and will be brought to life on screen by director Joe Wright (Atonement, The Darkest Hour) and screenwriter Tracy Lets. Also joining Adams in the casting is an all-star lineup including the likes of Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman and Anthony Mackie.

Speaking during a virtual press preview, Adams shared that she was drawn to the role of Anna because she is someone who is “struggling with so much darkness, and there’s a lot of shame, a lot of secrets.”

Almost two years after its original release date, The Woman in the Window is finally coming to our streaming screens on May 14. So buckle in; because if the trailer is anything to go off, this thriller will certainly deliver.

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