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Calling all astrology lovers: Step up your dinner party game this festive season with this zodiac-inspired dinnerware collection

The Last Line Tabletop

If you're a regular reader of RUSSH, you'll know very well that when it comes to astrology, we don't play any games. If there's a lunar event of note fast approaching, you best believe it has our undivided attention. And while we love nothing more than tapping into what we can expect from the month ahead, or discovering which star signs are the most compatible in our quest for love; sometimes its the little mementos that we keep in our home that keep us feeling the most grounded.

So, when we discovered that Los Angeles-based brand The Last Line had launched its Tabletop homewares collection with a plethora of zodiac-inspired pieces; we instantly raced to grab our wallets. As if lining up perfectly with the festive season and a much-awaited return to normality, the brand has designed an abundance of dinner party pieces that will turn any event into an astrological soirée.

Think zodiac-themed napery, an array of porcelain plates that range from vibrant, eclectically-decorated designs, to more subtle iterations and of course, the serving bowl to end all serving bowls. For the Tabletop collection, The Last Line has brought together the playfulness of colour, intricate and eye-catching design and of course, a commitment to craftsmanship that sets its pieces apart. Each piece is produced entirely by hand, so not only are you elevating your dinner party game with a selection of unique pieces; you are also enjoying the sentimentality between these pieces and the artisans that create them.

Standout pieces are undoubtedly the set of zodiac napkins – one for each star sign – and the complimentary scalloped placements. The collection's napery offering is produced in 100%  linen; so you have confidence in knowing these pieces were made to last.

Whether as an addition to your own collection of dinnerware, or as the ultimate gift for your astrology-obsessed friend, you can explore the full Tabletop collection on The Last Line website.

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Images: The Last Line