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The Bear essentials

A multi-fibre prebiotic supplement that helps support your gut microbiome is just a spoonful away. Founder of vitamin and supplement brand BEAR, Saasha Burns, breaks down their latest Essential Daily Superpowder, Nourish.

What are the core ingredients in the Essential Daily Superpowder?
Nourish is a single origin powder made with 100 per cent certified organic and biodynamic green Australian Lady Finger bananas. It also contains essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, phosphorous and manganese.

From where are the ingredients sourced?
Our green Australian Lady Finger bananas are sourced from a certified organic and biodynamic family farm in Northern Queensland.

What are the benefits?
A healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut provides the highest benefits to the immune system, and this is because around 80 per cent of the immune system is located in the gut. The good bacteria forms a barrier on the intestinal wall which prevents harmful microorganisms from being absorbed. Nourish contains one the richest sources of resistant starch in the world - ‘resisting’ digestion, reaching the colon intact where colonic gut flora metabolise it into short chain fatty acids. This increases the production of serotonin, lowers cholesterol, increases your metabolism and removes aflatoxins and inflammation. It also helps to promote bowel function and colon health, improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels which can assist in preventing diabetes and aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Who should be taking the supplement?
In short, everyone. Nourish is a gender-neutral product designed to fit seamlessly into your morning health routine. We encourage everyone to take our Essential Daily Superpowder with their favourite smoothie, muesli or porridge to help support a healthy immune system, nervous system, and to promote healthy and radiant skin.

How long does it take to see results?
We started seeing and feeling a difference after just a few days of taking Nourish each morning, with noticeable changes to our digestion, metabolism, inflammation, energy levels, mood, skin, and sleep. To receive the full benefits of our Essential Daily Superpowder, we encourage everyone to take Nourish each morning as a natural part of their health routine.

What changes can you expect to see after taking the Superpowder?
You'll feel full for longer, notice a more balanced digestive system and reduced inflammation in the gut, improved energy levels, reduced stress and anxiety, stronger hair and nails, and noticeably brighter and more radiant skin.

Founded by Sammy Leetham and Saasha Burns, BEAR is a modern Australian lifestyle brand that brings together a portfolio of Essential Daily Vitamins and Essential Daily Superpowders.