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That loving feeling: chocolate and libido

Amidst the smooth vibes of RUSSH’s latest issue I discuss sex, libido and nourishing ways to boost your mojo. While I speak of cleaning up the diet and making healthy swaps to improve libido, I am the first to acknowledge that food shared with a lover is a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Chocolate is a food that has for long been touted for its libido-boosting properties. But, rather than sink into an average block with your lover, pick your poison and go for choc that serves the body nutrition made for longer lasting loving: raw cacao.

Raw cacao is produced by simple measures. The cacao beans are cold pressed, cocoa butter (fat) is removed and what is left is raw cacao. This differs to cocoa typically seen on supermarket shelves and in standard chocolate bars, which is treated with heat. By undergoing heat treatment many of the incredible enzymes and nutrients present in the cacao bean are damaged, resulting in significantly reduced nutritional value. When combined with sugars, additives and preservatives to form sweet chocolates, ultimately there’s not much to offer the body other than an overload of ingredients with little benefit to health.

What we’re after when we consider eating chocolate to improve our mood and libido is a rich source of nutrition. Raw cacao is full of antioxidants, amino acids, magnesium, zinc, iron and phytonutrients just to name a few.

Raw cacao: the benefits

Increased energy levels
Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, an important mineral in the energy production pathway and to aid in the contraction and relaxation of key muscles at the right time.

Improved mood
Raw cacao triggers and increases neurotransmitters that give the sensation of happiness and love.

Supported cardiovascular function
As a rich source of antioxidants, raw cacao protects and supports cardiovascular function by reducing blood pressure, relaxing blood vessels and reducing stress on the cardiovascular system. This contributes to a healthy heart, healthy body and healthy blood flow to all key areas in the body.