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Taurus in 2019

The Bull
April 20 - May 20

You are as peaceful as they come. You are as reliable as they make them. Your inner harmony and tranquillity is something the rest of us can only aspire to have.

We admire what you have acquired; your money, your possessions, and your impeccably curated home. And we appreciate how loyal you are to those you love. There is so much to love about you, but this year wants you to reveal that much more.

2019 is going to be quietly powerful for you, Taurus. As Saturn, the great teacher, moves through your ninth house of higher education, he wants you to keep expanding your beautiful brain. Whatever you thought you knew for sure will no longer be so clear. Find out what you have left to learn. Enrol in that class that takes your understanding to the next level. Travel to that faraway place that takes you completely out of your comfort zone. Experience that culture that teaches you lessons you didn’t even know you still needed to learn.

It is an internal and reflective year, full of revelations that set off major personal transformation. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is going to be travelling through your eighth house of authenticity and regeneration. Think fearless honesty. Think complete self-acceptance. Think total vulnerability. What parts of yourself do you have yet to embrace and appreciate? What facades are you hiding them behind? Where and when did you learn that those parts of yourself are not worthy of love? Who do you trust enough to show them to this year?

This is a year of falling head-over-heels in love with every aspect of yourself. The messy parts. The weird parts. The magic parts. We know that you are steady, reliable, and materially successful. But it’s time to show the world your passion. Show us your desire. Show us your strength. Show us all of the hidden treasures that lie beneath your grounded and sturdy external persona. And from there, Jupiter will gift you with a kind of peace and acceptance so deep that you can bathe in it for the rest of eternity.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY  Kitty Callaghan
ART Jedda-Daisy Culley